Superfeet FLEX Review: Dynamic Comfort Insoles [2024]

If you are looking for great value-for-money sports insoles, then I’d highly recommend the Superfeet Flex Dynamic Insoles.

I have played competitive basketball indoors and on the blacktop and shoe comfort is the number one factor for me in order to perform consistently at my best. The Superfeet Flex Dynamic Insoles have medium thickness and provide just the right level of support and comfort without weighing your basketball shoes down. These insoles are great for beginners as I immediately noticed the increase in comfort of my athletic shoes from the moment I wear them without having to go through a long break-in period.

Product Review

The team at Superfeet has kindly sent me a pair to try. I used it for two weeks prior to writing this review. The opinions in this article are my personal views and are unbiased.

I must say that I quite like the aesthetics of the product. It came with a blue and orange box that well-protected the product. The insoles themselves look great. I absolutely love the orange and blue colorway.

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I immediately checked the quality of the insoles and they are firm and flexible to my touch. Looking at the description on the box, I am instantly drawn into what the insoles promise to deliver. It says that Superfeet Flex insoles are special because of the following reasons:

  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Aerospring comfort foam
  • Moisture wick with odor control

I was stoked to test them out and see if Superfeet Flex insoles live up to what they promised.

Should You Buy Superfeet Flex Insoles?

I tried Superfeet Flex with an old pair of basketball shoes with removable insoles. I instantly felt the difference with my foot grip. If you are a point guard who does a lot of crossovers and shifting of direction or change of speed, then I’d say that these insoles are made for you. I love that there is no breaking-in period. It is comfortable out of the box for playing competitively. The insoles gave me that feeling of playing on a new pair of basketball shoes while having that familiar broken-in overall feel of the upper and ankle support.

For shooting guards, you would love that the insoles are dense yet lightweight. I tried some of my stop-and-pop jumpers during fastbreak and the insoles performed pretty well in terms of shock-absorption. The cushioning is just right and my grip when landing is firm and secure. With a more secure landing from the insoles, I felt that my ankles didn’t twist as much.

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For centers and big guys who work the post and love to power their way through the paint, I think the shock-absorption capability is more than adequate for your needs. I tried several lateral offensive moves with the Superfeet Flex insoles and the firm grip gave me added confidence to execute pivot moves. For jumping, dunking, and rebounding, the insoles performed satisfactorily. I felt that the slight bounciness on the insoles enhanced my landing from a high leap.

If this is your first time trying sports insoles and you do not have any specific foot needs, then Superfeet Flex Dynamic insoles are surely worth buying. The affordability, overall good grip, and shock-absorption capabilities are what stood out for me. However, this may not be an option for you if your shoes don’t come with removable insoles.

Features And Benefits

What I love most about good insoles is the ability to wick moisture and control odor. I always toss some sneaker balls in my basketball shoes to make them stay fresh. But with Superfeet Flex insoles, I don’t smell any odor after a few days even if I didn’t put any sneaker balls in them. In this regard, I would say that Superfeet Flex did live up to my expectations on moisture-wicking and odor control capabilities. Odor on footwear can sometimes be an irreversible problem so it definitely saves me money to know that these insoles somewhat prolong the longevity of my athletic shoes.

The Aerospring comfort foam which measures around 4 mm in thickness is pliable and bouncy. The first thing that stands out for me (aside from the bright orange color) is its comfort right out of the box. I am very conscious of shoe performance and always take into consideration the break-in period especially on what I wear to that all-important do-or-die game. I am happy to report that the Superfeet Flex insoles are extremely comfortable on my first wear and I would definitely use them for my shoes that lack grip and comfort.

The reduction of foot fatigue that Superfeet mentions on their packaging is not that obvious when playing basketball. So out of curiosity on how the Superfeet Flex insoles would perform on leather shoes, I put them in one of my Italian loafers from Herring Shoes. To my pleasant surprise, the insoles elevated my experience with slip-on loafers. Italian moccasins tend to have soft and thin linings and the Superfeet Flex insoles gave me that added comfort when wearing loafers on long days. With this positive insole experience on leather shoes, I would surely be looking at using Superfeet insoles for my other goodyear-welted leather shoes.

Although the Superfeet Flex insoles are durable and quite tough, it is advisable to change your insoles every twelve months or 500 miles (if you use the insoles for running), whichever comes first.


The Superfeet Flex Dynamic Insoles are a great introduction to the world of sports insoles for beginners. This would be my choice of insoles for running, basketball, and other impact sports if you have not worn athletic shoe insoles before. The main reason is because of the comfort I have derived from these insoles straight out of the box. The fact that there is no break-in period is such an advantage to our fast-paced athletic lifestyle.

The thickness of the Superfeet Flex insoles is just right. These are perfect replacement insoles for your Nikes, Adidas, and Under Armour sports shoes. At 4 mm, it is a medium thick insole that would not make your athletic shoes too cramp when worn.

Although not the cheapest insoles, I would say that these are great value-for-money because of the quality and longevity of these insoles. It could last up to 12 months and give your favorite old athletic shoes that much needed life so you can wear them to competitive games.

My personal experience is that the insoles are dense yet light which consequently provided me with improved grip when making sudden stops. Jumping, running, rebounding, and attempting to block during defense did not present much of an issue when I had these insoles on.

What good are the insoles if the company that produces them is not. With Superfeet, I am at peace knowing that I am buying a product from a company that is socially responsible. With all the focus on sustainability and corporate citizenship, I am glad to know that the company is 100% employee-owned. On top of that, they donate 1% of sales to help people get back on their feet (physically and financially). Good insoles and even better company.

Overall, the Superfeet Flex insoles are great for sports and casual wear as evident from my personal experience using them for basketball and casual Italian loafers.