Victor Wembanyama Basketball Shoes [2024]

Victor Wembanyama, a French basketball player, is considered one of today’s best rookie talents. At a towering height of 7’4″ and at only 20 years old, Victor Wembanyama was the top pick for the San Antonio Spurs during the June 2023 NBA draft.

The French native began playing basketball professionally at age 15, and his amazing performance on the court led to him being noticed in the United States.

Seeing the same potential in him that Michael Jordan and LeBron James have in the sport, the San Antonio Spurs drafted him into their team.

His arrival into the professional U.S. basketball scene introduced him to many fans around the world.

After securing a Nike deal, Victor Wembanyama’s shoes changed the sneakers scene. With his trust in the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run and Air Zoom G.T. Hustle 2, Wembanyama continuously boosts his basketball game, bringing more heat to the NBA league.

Wembanyama’s Nike Deal

Nike has sponsored various top basketball players with high-quality sports shoes over the years. As Victor Wembanyama becomes an integral part of the San Antonio Spurs, it’s no wonder Nike entered a deal with him.

In 2023, Wembanyama signed a new shoe deal with Nike. Though no official reports on how much the deal offered him, reporters claimed that the deal reached $100 million, surpassing LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s Nike deals.

Nike nicknamed Victor Wembanyama “The Extraterrestrial” on their Instagram page, showing him in a green hoodie and flaunting his custom-made Nike shoes.

The nickname echoed James’s “The Alien,” causing Nike fans to immediately become curious about his basketball shoes.

It is expected that Victor Wembanyama will maintain a years-long contract with Nike and will soon have his own signature shoe line.

Many NBA fans look forward to when his line will be released, but at the moment, he relies on Nike G.T. sneakers.

As he chose not to represent France in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, fans will see more of his famous pair of Nike G.T. shoes throughout this NBA season.

Wembanyama’s Shoes So Far

Thanks to his Nike deal, Wemby sports two shoe models: the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run and the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Hustle 2.

The Nike G.T. series has been a trusted line for many shoe enthusiasts. Known for its light design, durable materials, and flexible inner molding technology, various NBA athletes trust it to last long hours of gameplay.

As Victor Wembanyama continues playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Nike shoe enthusiasts recognize the well-known Nike G.T. line. Though relatively popular, many NBA fans considered his choice of shoes rare, especially with his 20.5 shoe size.

However, since he prefers the Nike G.T. line, Nike gave him customized versions of the two sneakers. He continues to sport them today, supporting the San Antonio Spurs as a power forward and center.

While some fans wonder why Victor Wembanyama uses an older Nike G.T. Run model, the shoes’ amazing features, design, and flexibility boost his performance and remind everyone why Nike remains trusted by players.

Nike GT Run

Released in 2021, the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run quickly became a favorite among sneaker fans. This Nike GT Run model enhances speed, flexibility, and comfort using Nike’s React technology and two Zoom Air units.

Nike React technology uses special cushioning foam specially made to return energy to your feet. With every step, the pressure you impart onto the ground returns to your sole, pushing you forward.

A single Zoom Air unit has great shock absorption and a light, durable build. With a pair of built-in Zoom Air units, the Air Zoom G.T. Run lives up to its name and boosts your feet.

It has a light, durable mesh that can endure countless runs around the court. Its textured haptic print layer makes the shoe more stable, letting you play and score more.

With curvy ridges, a foam tongue that fits any foot shape, and a mid-high collar for ankle support, anyone wearing this model is in for a comfortable and lightweight experience, regardless of their sport.

Trusted by many players, the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run has consistently shown its reliable durability and lightness throughout various sports.

Why Did Wembanyama Choose an Older Model?

When Victor Wembanyama started sporting the Nike G.T. shoes on the court, many NBA fans wondered why he did not choose newer Nike kicks.

After all, sneakers worn by legends like LeBron James and Michael Jordan were either from the latest Nike releases or their signature line. However, the Nike G.T. model flew under the radar of many sneaker enthusiasts.

Wembanyama chose the model since it was the same one he wore back in France. Like many athletes who rely on the same shoe line for familiarity and durability, Wembanyama’s fond memories of these Nike sneakers became a major reason.

Additionally, Wembanyama has a larger shoe size than many players. Most basketball sneakers can only go up to a certain shoe size. However, the Nike G.T. Run line supports larger sizes thanks to its durable and flexible foam material.

The Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run’s midsole design is also why he stuck with this model. With the midsole’s 2.5 cm height, his feet are kept at just the right distance from the court floor, giving enough sensation without feeling uncomfortable.

As the Nike G.T. Run helped boost Wembanyama’s reputation in France, it remains a trusted partner while proving Nike’s stability in the NBA.

Does Nike Still Sell Shoes From the G.T. Run Series?

While the Nike Air Zoom G.T. is unavailable in retail stores, other sneakers within the G.T. Run line are still available on the Nike website and physical stores.

These are currently available sneakers within the G.T. Run series:

G.T., short for “Greater Than,” continuously gains positive reviews. The G.T. sneaker line continues to rise in popularity thanks to Wembanyama’s continued endorsement and presence in the NBA.

Nike GT Hustle 2

The Nike Air Zoom G.T. Hustle 2 takes its lightweight and comfortable build to the next level. With its large Swoosh branding, soft cushioning material, and a built-in Zoom Air spring, a pair of these will ensure fast and constant forward movement during the heat of the game.

Its molded insole fits into various foot sizes, especially larger ones like Wembanyama’s. The Zoom Air cushioning spring increases speed and agility as it fits and molds onto your feet.

Its tightly stretched fibers and flexible design quickly absorb impact and return the energy to your feet, pushing you forward and improving your game.

The soft mesh material surrounding the shoe feels light yet durable against long playtime hours. Apart from feeling great, these shoes will keep you stable and help you bring the heat on the court.

The Nike G.T. Hustle 2 has various color options and versions for men and women. Whether you play professionally or casually, the G.T. Hustle 2 has your back.


Victor Wembanyama’s Nike endorsement has changed the basketball and sneaker world. By sticking with the G.T. sneaker line, he emphasizes that finding the right shoe for your feet is very important.

Thanks to the Nike G.T. Run and Hustle 2 shoes, Webmanyama continuously brings the heat to every NBA game. As the season continues, more Spurs and NBA fans can watch both models help further his success.

With their focus on a lightweight, durable, and comfortable build, anyone with Nike G.T. shoes can play to their best potential.

Feature Image credit: H4stings, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons