NBA Smart Jersey [2024]

The NBA is one of the world’s most popular sports leagues, and it shows why they are on the upper echelon in terms of worldwide recognition.

What makes them popular is their eagerness to listen to NBA fans about new ideas that can spark innovations in basketball.

NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has showcased to people his enthusiasm to introduce new technologies in the basketball world, and rightfully so.

He introduced the new NBA smart jerseys on stage during the technology summit in 2019.

What’s an NBA smart jersey? Let’s dive deeper!

How Does An NBA Smart Jersey Work?

The NBA smart jersey, introduced by NBA commissioner Adam Silver, allows you to change the name and number at the front and back portion of the NBA jersey by using an app on your phone.

However, this technology and the idea behind it only allows you to change the NAME and NUMBER, and the general look of the jersey stays the same.

How Much Do NBA Smart Jerseys Cost?

Currently, there’s still no fixed price or release date regarding the price of the jersey.

However, when the NBA smart jersey is released in the future, it is expected that the price will be significantly higher than your average NBA jersey.

In addition, I guess you might have to pay a subscription fee for the app to work, which means you will also pay a bit more to get a glimpse of this new jersey version.

Also, I am unsure whether these apply to all NBA teams on a game-to-game basis or can happen throughout the season.

When Is The Release Date Of The NBA Smart Jersey?

Unfortunately, the release date of the NBA smart jersey is still in the works. NBA commissioner Adam Silver only showed the concept of future NBA jerseys in 20 years.

Nevertheless, most fans can expect that this new dawn of technology will come sooner than the 20 years Adam Silver envisioned.

Nike has already shifted its focus toward this technology and introduced the Nike Connected Jerseys, also customizable via mobile app.

This mobile app gives you access to NBA tickets, shoe releases, NBA highlights, and playlists by tapping the NBA logo.

Since the release date is still up in the clouds, all we can do is follow the NBA for updates (and let’s hope it won’t be too long until the smart jerseys arrive!).

What Is The Purpose Of An NBA Smart Jersey?

In this day and age, most fans root for different teams with their favorite players on board.

However, trades are happening here and there, and getting a new jersey of your favorite NBA player might go to waste.

As a result, most jerseys will find their way into the trash as they are no longer wearing that jersey.

But with just a click of the app, the smart jersey will instantly change colors, numbers, names, and even the team logo.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver always finds ways to please NBA fans, right?

Furthermore, during the season or any given game, there are times when you support the other team because your favorite team isn’t playing on the court.

Then here comes the smart jerseys, where you can just switch and pull it out on any given game!

Can An NBA Smart Jersey be Hacked?

Most NBA fans would want to wear their favorite player’s jersey when they play during the season. So, the right thing to do is have the NBA make smart jerseys for every team in the NBA.

The possibility of hacking is always up there; no technology isn’t prone to be hacked.

That is also one of the reasons why the prices of these jerseys can go up a notch and will be more expensive once it’s released.

Although there are more questions than answers, NBA fans should be optimistic about jerseys in the future.

The NBA is an ever-growing league, and there are plenty of reasons why it has been one of the best sports leagues in history.

How Can Smart Jerseys Change The Game Of Basketball?

Since there’s no release date yet, all we can think of is how these changes affect basketball in the most common way.

Like your favorite team or players, the league is also changing, right? One of the few ideas I have realized about how smart jerseys can affect the game is through these jerseys alone.

Imagine if all the stats were listed on the player’s jersey. It can help speed up the game rather than rely on statisticians and officials overseeing it throughout the entire season.

These jerseys can create new dynamics in the game of basketball. Sooner or later, we will realize these changes in the game are for the better.

While the sales and price of these jerseys are in the works, what we can do is hope that this thing they are planning will come to fruition and change the game of basketball for the better.


Your kids will love the idea of wearing smart jerseys with the name of their favorite player on them.

When they become a bandwagon for different players, they can easily switch it up, and boom, the numbers and logos displayed are instantly changed!

Overall, most fans will truly savor this new technology that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is planning for the future — props to him for listening to the sentiments of most NBA fans around the world.

NBA fans should rejoice as this new technology that is about to emerge can elevate the entire experience when watching the game in live action!