LaMelo Ball Basketball Shoes [2024]

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LaMelo Ball has been among the younger prospects generating much buzz in the league.

He was one of the top picks heading into the NBA draft, and right before he was drafted, Puma was quick to sign him to a lucrative contract worth $100 million.

His combination of size, skill, and athleticism was one of the reasons why the Charlotte Hornets with the third overall pick by the franchise during the 2020 NBA draft.

Despite this early stage of his career, LaMelo Ball is one of the few with their signature sneakers already. The sneakers debuted in the 2021-2022 NBA season and were named Puma MB 1.

What Are The Design And Performance Rating Of LaMelo Ball Shoes?

The Puma MB 1 was a hot topic when it was released. There were a lot of things that have been going on with the brand since signing LaMelo Ball.

In addition, it doesn’t help that it is Puma’s first-ever signature shoe in collaboration with an NBA player.

It is one of the reasons why many fans and sneakerheads want to know about the design’s idea and performance.

In this article, I will discuss the Puma MB.1, the reason behind the design, and its on-court performance.

I will also touch on the MB.02 and give you pointers on where to buy the latest LaMelo Ball basketball shoes.

I am quite impressed with the Puma MB.02 as it has solid midsole cushioning using EVA foam. Puma put a lot of attention to this pair of LaMelo Ball shoes and have added a nice touch with the Nitro foam on the heel and forefoot.


In terms of design, the LaMelo Ball shoes were quite different from Puma’s traditional basketball shoe designs. For most Puma shoes, they were pretty straightforward, no-frills types of shoes.

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However, for these signature sneakers, boldness was the true word for it. Right from the start, every colorway sparked a frenzy for almost all sneakerheads.

The most impressive thing about the Puma brand is they collaborated with different ideas, details, and designs to develop amazing sneakers.

For example, the “Rick and Morty” shoes were my favorite. Colorways such as the ‘Team Colors’ and ‘Galaxy’ were also impressive.

If you compare it to other Puma shoes, Puma has taken a significant step in providing fans and sneakerheads with some of the most bizarre colorways on the market today.

Puma has been a pleasant surprise in the sneaker world. Signing LaMelo Ball to a lucrative contract was quite the bold move Puma has taken despite LaMelo Ball still not playing a single minute in the NBA.

Overall, the vibrant and bold colors were the themes Puma came up with, and it has resonated with Ball’s flair for the dramatics considering how well he plays.


In terms of performance, the LaMelo Ball shoes were impressive in their own right. Puma knows how to capture the hearts of sneakerheads and players worldwide.

The performance of his shoes was good in many aspects. It is a well-balanced model often required for most signature models released today.

His shoes debuted with a bang. The color of the shoes was an all-red scheme sneaker, but it has since released multiple colorways and player exclusives from the start.

The MB 1 featured a breathable synthetic upper material with a lightweight but durable design. The shoes provided comfort around the midfoot area.

His shoes might be lightweight, but it doesn’t feel too light. It has the right balance of comfort and heft to it. Most users felt the LaMelo Ball shoes were one of the most comfortable on the market.

However, where the LaMelo Ball shoes shined the most was their traction. The traction was amazing, and the details of the outsole were pretty basic, but it simply bites on indoor courts cleanly.

For the cushioning, impact protection and shock absorption were above average. His sneakers were very responsive and had a low-to-the-ground feel to them.

Lastly, it is one of the better shoes for wide footers as its wide base is quite accommodating in that department. It’s safe to say that the designers were keen on the details of what he wanted.

With the Puma MB.1, the brand might run at the top with Nike and Adidas because they know how to make incredible shoes. They go into detail and provide an amazing outcome.

What Are The Puma MB.01 And MB.02 Shoes?

The Puma MB.01 is the signature shoe of LaMelo Ball with its partnership with Puma.

While most of you wonder if Puma released a signature sneaker from an NBA athlete, here’s your answer, Yes! LaMelo Ball is one of the first PUMA athletes to have his own signature basketball shoe in recent years.

Like most signature athletes, signature shoes are coming your way, especially if indicated in the contract. So, if you didn’t know anything, then it’s the right time to know.

Puma has had many shoes, but nothing more spectacular like this one, considering it’s a basketball shoe.

Puma shoes are well-known all over the world for being straight-up running shoes. However, PUMA has taken a different approach with this one, which is already paying off.

The Puma MB.02 is definitely an upgrade both in terms of aesthetic and performance. It definitely is a must-have for all LaMelo Ball fans like us.

When Is the Drop Date? What Is the Price of LaMelo Ball Shoes?

You might wonder when his shoes will drop in your local stores. For the MB.01 shoes, it was released to our local shops on July 29, 2022.

Meanwhile, the Puma MB.02 “Honeycomb” basketball shoes were launched on March 10, 2023.

You can get these amazing sneakers at your local Puma store or have them shipped to your doorstep when you order them online. Check out the latest prices below:

Where Can You Buy The Puma MB.01 and MB.02?

If you’re wondering where you can get these amazing sneakers, aside from your local Puma store, then I have done you a favor and have listed reputable online stores to buy LaMelo Ball shoes.


You can get the sneakers from Puma’s official website or local stores. Aside from his sneakers, you can also pick and choose different Puma shoes at their disposal.


Puma has an online store in Amazon and both the MB.01 and the MB.02 are currently available for you to cop.

Foot Locker

Footlocker is another amazing option for LaMelo’s and some of today’s most popular shoes. From the Nikes, Lebrons, Kyries, and PGs, you can get your MB.01 shoes from the vast collection here.


StockX is the best place to go when shopping for signature sneakers. They have tons of them and range from different prices.

You will find only his sneakers and some NBA players with signature lines here. You will not get disappointed here, although their prices vary a lot depending on who’s the seller.

StockX is the most popular one because this site sells the hottest sneakers on the planet. From the Yeezys, Retro Jordans, Supreme, player exclusives, and many more!


Goat has been one of the more reputable sites selling signature models. You can get your favorite MB.01 shoes here, as they also have a vast collection of other things.

Be sure to make your money’s worth, as they often have some of the rarest sneaker collections. You can search their site via for more details.


eBay is another online site wherein you can get the latest MB.01 sneaker. You can have them directly shipped to your doorstep, but you have to remember it takes a couple of days before it reaches you.

Sole Supremacy

Another reputable online selling site selling some of the world’s best and most coveted sneakers, Sole Supremacy, has you covered in case you’re hunting for some amazing MB.01s.

They also have a lot in store for you, so you should be ready and have your money’s worth with their vast collection of amazing shoe models.


LaMelo Ball has been the lone bright spot for the Charlotte Hornets. While he has cemented his place as one of the brightest and youngest superstars in the league, there are still a lot of doubters saying otherwise.

Charlotte hasn’t been a consistent franchise, so having him at the helm should do wonders for the Hornets moving forward.

For now, let’s enjoy what he has accomplished early in his career, and hopefully, everything will come into place and more signature models will be released by Puma.