Highest Vertical Jump Ever

Of all the records, having the highest vertical jump in the world might feel like a surreal moment for everyone, right?

Jumping ability is often measured in various sports league events, such as the NBA draft and NFL scouting “Combine” events.

When you have a high vertical jump, chances are, your resumé would be no less than impressive to scouts and other professional teams.

If you’re wondering who has the highest vertical jump ever, worry not, as I’ve extensively covered this topic for you.

Who Has Set The Record For The Highest Vertical Jump?

Chris Spell is the record holder for the highest vertical jump ever, with a 67 inches of vertical leap on the platform.

Before he set the world record, Brett Williams held the record for a 63.5-inches vertical leap on the platform.

Moreover, different methods are also recorded other than the box jump alone.

If you want to know more about these, then I have listed them below for you to understand more about records of other vertical jumping methods. Read below as I explore this topic further.

Records Of Other Vertical Jumping Methods

As I have mentioned above, there are various jumping methods other than the vertical platform jump. Here are the other methods:

  • Standing Jump – The standing vertical method is in a standing position. It is more commonly known as the no-step standing vertical leap. This method of jumping is the most accurate way of measuring one’s jumping ability.
  • Running Jump – The running jump measures your standing and jumping reach after a quick run. This type of method is also known as max vert and is slightly more inaccurate than other vertical jump methods due to the variances in an athlete’s running technique.
  • Platform Jump This type of vertical jump is performed by trying to do a vertical jump onto a platform or a box. It is commonly known as the box jump. Box jumps tend to have a much greater measurement because performers need to tuck their legs inward before touching the platform.

In addition, the long jump competition in an Olympic event has different mechanics than a vertical jump.

Performing the standing vertical jump is the most accurate measurement of an athlete’s jumping ability. It is also a measure of a player’s explosive ability.

The Highest Standing Vertical Jump

The standing vertical jump is recorded in the two most popular sports leagues in the world: the NBA’s Draft Combine and the NFL’s Scouting Combine.

Guinness World Record

The Guinness World record for the highest standing jump is no other than Gerald Sensabaugh. He was an NFL player drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2005.

With a jump height of 46″ inches, he was able to sway teams to draft him as the standing vertical jump is a great measurement to know a player’s lower body strength.

Official NBA Record

In the NBA, the record holder for the highest vertical jump is tied between Nick Young and Kenny Gregory. The NBA Draft Combine results in 2001 for Kenny was 39.5″, and Nick Young had the same record as well; he did it in 2007.

Unofficial records also say that a player named DJ Stephens reached a jumping height of 46″ inches. However, there was no evidence suggesting that he did it. I am also unable to find any information regarding his record.

Official NFL Record

During the 2005 NFL Draft Combine, Gerald Sensabaugh had the highest standing vertical jump of any player with 46 inches. He was also a former professional soccer player.

In addition, there aren’t any unofficial records saying there was another NFL player who was able to achieve the same feat.

The Highest Running Vertical Jump

After a quick run, two measurements are needed to record a running vertical jump: your standing reach and your jumping height.

The Guinness World Record

The highest vertical running jump world record is 45.5 inches.

The running vertical jump method involves two factors when achieving the maximum vert. They measure your standing reach and they also  measure your jump after the run-up.

As a result, athletes who run at a longer distance achieve a high vertical jump test result, whereas, in the NBA, their running jump is only limited to one to two steps.

Official NBA Record

In the NBA, the running jump is limited to a running start of 1-2 steps when performing the jump.

Kenny Gregory made it on the list again as he performed the highest running vertical score of 45.5 inches during the NBA Draft Combine event in 2001.

In addition, the unofficial record for the highest running vertical jump was achieved by Jordan Kilganon with 49.5″. He was an impressive professional dunker capable of making insane dunks.

He was able to perform some insane dunks during the NBA All-Star weekend. His dunks were making everyone’s 2016 All-Star weekend even more memorable.

Official NFL Record

There are no NFL Combine results with the highest vertical jump in the NFL as the league doesn’t perform this type of method when measuring an NFL player’s vertical jump.

Up to this day, both the NBA and World records sit at 45.5″. There is still no athlete who is able to surpass this running vertical jump world record.

The Highest Platform Vertical Jump

Elite athletes such as NBA and NFL players tend to have high vertical jumping abilities as these are some of  the crucial deciding factors whether they get drafted high or low.

World Record for the Highest Platform Vertical Jump

The record holder for the highest vertical platform jump is Chris Spell. He did it in 2021. He was also the previous record holder until Brett Williams claimed the spot in 2019.

As a result, he took his spot again, becoming the world record holder of the highest vertical jump up to this day. No athlete has surpassed this feat as of the moment that I wrote this article.

Highest Vertical Platform Jump in NFL

There are no official records in the NFL for the highest vertical jump as they don’t perform this type of test on their NFL draftees. NFL Scouting Combine only performs standing vertical jumps.

Highest Vertical Box Jump in NBA

There are no official records in the NBA Combine results as they don’t perform running box jump methods for their draftees.

Basketball players only perform a running box jump during their training and workout routines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about vertical jumps and some of the highest vertical leaps recorded in other sports, you might find them in the list I have below.

Who Has a 60-Inch Vertical?

There are only a few people who were able to reach a 60-inch vertical jump result. However, these are all box jump records, as it would be impossible to achieve this feat through running and standing vertical jumps.

  1. Evan Ungar Back in 2019, Evan Ungar was able to do a platform jump of 63.5 inches. Before this feat, the previous record holder was Evan Bethel with 60 inches.
  2. Brett Williams It was also in 2019 when Brett Williams also broke Evan Ungar’s box jump record. He was able to jump as high as 65 inches, besting Evan Ungar in the process.
  3. Chris Spell He was once the record holder until Williams broke his record in July of 2019. However, he took this personally and regained his record, surpassing his previous highest jump of 65 inches mark with a new 67 inches record.

What Is LeBron James’ Vertical Jump?

During the 2003 NBA Draft Combine, Lebron’s measured vertical jump was 44 inches. While this is an impressive feat, he could not beat the official NBA record.

However, he used his explosiveness to perform amazing in-game dunks in official NBA basketball games. He has one of the highest vertical jump results in the league.

Notable NBA Players and Athletes With the Best Vertical Jump Results:

  1. Michael Jordan – There’s no denying the Airness himself. His highest recorded jump is at 48 inches. He is one of those NBA players who excelled at everything during his prime. To this day, no player has ever surpassed his 48-inch vertical jump test record.
  2. Michael Wilson – He previously played for the Harlem Globetrotters. It is believed that he surpassed Jordan’s highest vertical leap record with 52 inches to his name. In addition, he is also a world record holder for the highest slam dunk. He set this record in 2000. He was able to dunk on a 12-foot high ring. As a result, he set the Guinness Book of World Record for the highest dunk ever.
  3. Kadour Ziani It is believed that Kadour Ziani has the highest vertical jump in the world at 60 inches. He is a professional slam dunk contest participant. However, this feat has not been verified. Chris Spell is still the recognized King of High Jump. His high leap has been well-documented.

Do Volleyball Players Jump Higher?

Volleyball, compared to any other sport, involves more jumping than any other sport. If you’re wondering if volleyball players jump higher, you are not alone.

However, there are no official world records suggesting they leap higher than any other sport athletes in the world.

But the famous Cuban professional volleyball player Leonel Marshall is said to have the highest vertical jump of any volleyball player. His vertical leap is measured at 52 inches.

How High Can People Jump Vertically?

There are a lot of factors that determine how high people can jump vertically. From body control, physical fitness, and various training forms.

However, this rating can serve as your basis if you want to measure a player’s jump performance according to the recognized standards.

  • Excellent – Over 28 inches
  • Very Good – 24 to 28 inches
  • Good – 20 to 24 inches
  • Average – 16 to 20 inches
  • Below Average – 12 to 16 inches.
  • Poor – 8 to 12 inches
  • Very Poor – 0 to 8 inches

Jumping higher isn’t a measurement of one’s capabilities to do great things. However, jumping high indicates you might be able to perform other tasks far more than the average person can.

If you want a higher jump result, you should be physically fit, dedicated, go for training, and have a healthy lifestyle.

Do NBA Players Jump Higher Than NFL Players?

If you’ve noticed the results, NFL players have higher jump scores than NBA players. Also, the unofficial NFL record for vertical jumps is relatively higher than the NBA.

You would expect that NBA players would receive higher scores because basketball involves jumping, such as going for blocks, rebounds, and contesting shots.

However, while the NBA is best known for having the best dunkers in basketball history, there are a couple of reasons why NFL players score higher. The reasons include:

Improving Their Play

If you compare NBA and NFL players, the consensus is that NBA players are relatively taller on average.

It is one of the reasons why NBA players don’t focus too much on their jumping, as the hoop doesn’t change height over time.

On the other hand, a high jump record measures the capabilities of NFL players to be productive in the league.

As a result, NFL players focus more on their jumping abilities during the NFL combine than NBA players during their NBA Combine.

The NBA doesn’t measure jumping ability alone to project a player’s draft position.

There are still a lot of factors that involve when a player is drafted high such as shooting drills, agility tests, physical and mental tools, and many more.

Training Approach

NBA basketball players don’t dwell too much on leaping ability.

They are more trained to withstand the rigors of an 82-game long season and focus more on endurance, cardio, and much more.

A lot goes through the NBA Draft Combine than leaping ability alone. They measure different metrics for a player’s overall value.

Considering the nature of the sport, NFL players rely on explosiveness and agility to get past defenders. NFL teams focus more on jump training programs as this can improve one’s explosiveness and speed.

You should also take into consideration what these players wear during official games.

Their protective gears are relatively heavier than NBA jerseys, so it would make sense for NFL athletes to improve their explosiveness during their careers.


As you can see, many explosive athletes are taking the world by storm with their extraordinary leaping abilities.

However, always remember there are different jumping styles, each of which has different variations.

Furthermore, I have also explained every method’s difference and how they are measured.

Are you surprised by these athletes? Because I was! But they aren’t common these days because athletes now work on many different aspects of their overall athletic abilities to be better versions of themselves.