21 Best Gifts For Basketball Coaches In 2024

Need to decide now? My choice for the best gift for a basketball coach is the NBA Coaches Playbook.

I am always amazed at how basketball coaches are so committed to leading their teams to victory.

However, a great coach will also want to bring the best out of everyone on their team – even outside of basketball. That’s what makes them such an influential part of a player’s life!

In this article, I’ve listed my top 21 favorite gifts that basketball coaches would definitely appreciate.

21 Best Gifts for Basketball Coaches

If you’d like to show your favorite basketball coach how thankful you are for having them in your life, then below is my personal list of great gift ideas you can give them:

1. Dry Erase Clipboard

Any kind of clipboard is a staple for a good coach.

After all, it’s where they write notes and strategies and draw your formations while explaining it to your team during timeouts in games.

If the current clipboard is looking pretty worn out, why not get your coach a new one?

This particular clipboard is very convenient since it turns your coach’s plan into reality. It’s easier to explain basketball strategies as well.

It comes with dry-erase markers for a few notes on the board too.

2. NBA Coaches Playbook

Help a good coach become an even more amazing coach by giving them the NBA Coaches Playbook as a gift.

This guide contains some of the NBA’s most popular plays and strategies. You’ll get to read about practice sessions and sideline huddles, all of which will give you detailed insights on maximizing performance on the court.

Some basketball coaches you’ll encounter in this must-have book include George Karl, Mike D’Antoni, Mike Dunleavy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Avery Johnson, Phil Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, and Eddie Jordan.

3. Hand Grip Strengthener

A unique gift for basketball coaches who are quite hands-on with training is a hand grip strengthener. This can improve their grip strength and ball-handling skills so they can also execute examples of drills and such.

This particular strengthener allows for individual finger training, so each finger can have increased strength, dexterity, and endurance.

4. Electric Ball Pump

If your basketball coach and team spend a lot of time pumping flat balls with an air pump during practice, this electric ball pump might be the perfect gift for your coach.

It can inflate a basketball in one or two minutes! It also has an auto-off function, so the pump will automatically turn the pump off when the ball reaches the desired pressure.

5. Mug With a Hoop

This is one of our favorite basketball coach gift ideas. This mug by MAX’IS Creations can hold 16 oz of your coach’s favorite beverage.

Your coach can enjoy their hot chocolate while scoring mini marshmallows through the mini basketball hoop. It can also double as a bowl for snacks.

6. Basketball Hoop Lights

Basketball coach in the morning, basketball player at night?

If you know your coach likes shooting some hoops at the end of the day, hoop lights can be one of the best gift ideas since they can keep playing when the sun goes down.

The colors are interchangeable, so they can match it with your team sign. It’s waterproof too, so they can leave it in the rain. They’ll also find that this gift is very easy to install.

7. Custom Engraved Whistle

An engraved whistle is a practical but thoughtful gift for basketball coaches.

Personalize it with the team name or coach name. It comes with a black lanyard too. They can wear it on their neck or treat it like a wall mount.

Either way, people will definitely know which coach owns this whistle!

8. Basketball Coach Keychain

A basketball keychain is another great gift for your coach that won’t break the bank.

This particular one by Sportybella is an especially special gift on how impactful coaches can be on a player’s life.

9. Wooden Team Plaque

If you want basketball gift ideas that will remind your coaches who gave them, look no further than this wooden plaque!

This is a great sentimental gift that doubles as a picture frame.

Put your own engraved text beside a team photo to make for a truly lasting memory. The plaque also has a clear acrylic photo to protect the picture frame.

10. Autograph Basketball

An autograph basketball is perhaps one of the best gifts for basketball coaches who’ll be retiring or leaving your team soon.

If they have a trophy case at home, this gift comes with a stand so they can display it.

Half of the ball is made of white laminated synthetic leather so players and other coaches can put their autographs and short messages. Meanwhile, the other half is brown synthetic leather to retain the true basketball feel.

11. Binder and Playbook Journal

This hardcover journal has rounded corners and a water-resistant and quality vegan leather cover.

The large size is a specially perfect gift for basketball coaches since each page has blank basketball court diagrams so they can further utilize their play-designing skills.

12. Basketball Training Video Subscription

There are several basketball coaching programs that offer subscription based training videos. These sites are a haven for basketball coaches. It’s a wealth of resources from drills to workout plans, making it the perfect present for your basketball coach – regardless of their level of experience.

Many gift ideas on this list can benefit your whole team as well. However, this one, in particular, will most probably be the most impactful since your coach is learning more about how to train you.

If you can’t afford this alone, ask your fellow players if they want to pitch in to give your favorite coach one or two months’ membership.

13. Basketball Cookies

Cookies actually make a great gift for a basketball coach!

Managing a team can be tiring, and something sweet to munch on can give coaches a bit of a rush to keep going.

14. Laundry Hamper

A basketball hoop laundry hamper is a pretty unique gift. Aside from just your coach, they can share it with a family member who also needs some help keeping their laundry organized by turning it into a game.

15. Basketball: A Love Story

Some basketball coaches love the sport to the point that they want to learn everything about it.

If your coach is one such person, this book tells of the history of basketball – from its beginnings to how it became a global phenomenon.

It also contains anecdotes and stories from some big names in the industry.

16. NBA 2K24

The perfect gift for a coach who also loves gaming is a video game about basketball!

The NBA 2K24 is playable on Xbox One and is better than its previous version.

It has realistic graphics and gameplay that will let your coach feel the same excitement of playing in their own game.

17. Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp

Another nice basketball gift is this small 3D illusion lamp in the shape of a basketball.

It’s called an illusion lamp because, when turned on, it looks like it’s a 3D sculpture – but it’s really just a 2D acrylic plate.

The lamp can be changed into seven different colors.

18. Basketball Hoop Bottle Opener

If you know your coach likes kicking back with a few drinks at the end of the day, the best gift you can give them can be a basketball hoop bottle opener.

They can easily open a beer with just one hand. Bottle caps will then be caught through the hoop.

Your coach can install it anywhere, regardless of whether it’s a metal or non-metal surface. The hoop is foldable, so it won’t be in the way if it’s not in use.

19. Handheld Whistle

Rest assured that this whistle is loud and clear.

This is the perfect gift for a basketball coach since they can just squeeze this while giving out instructions.

It’s also more hygienic than a traditional whistle. So you can keep wearing your face mask if you want and not deal with whistle drool.

This can also be passed to other people without being conscious about sharing a whistle.

20. Wilson Customized Basketball

A Wilson customized basketball is another great basketball coach gift.

It’s fully functional (being made of synthetic leather) and looks great as a display piece.

21. T-Shirt

A T-shirt might be a simple gift, but it’s something your basketball coaches will definitely use.

This shirt has a print that will surely make them laugh – though you might be embarrassed if you’re reminded of the time you didn’t listen to them in a game!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There’s no overall best gift for your basketball coach – after all, it depends on their preference.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you further decide on what gift to get your coach,

How Much Should I Spend on Basketball Coach Gifts?

There’s no minimum price on how much you should spend on your coach’s gifts.

If you’re doing this alone, a keychain or a lanyard will already be great gifts. But if you’re talking among your team, you might be able to afford something pricier – like the Xbox One game or a Basketball HQ subscription for a month or two.

What Are Other Non-Basketball Related Gifts I Can Give My Coach?

You might be wondering if there are gift ideas that are not related to basketball.

Well, yes! If you want to give your basketball coach something that isn’t related to the sport, you have quite a lot of options as well.

1. Crew Socks

Drop those basketball print socks and just grab a few pairs of crew socks with other designs. You can get a gift set with a theme that represents your coach’s other interests or personality.

Aside from being trendy, these socks have a soft feel too.

2. Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is another gift that doesn’t have to follow the basketball theme.

Just look for something that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s also ideal if the designs are made so that they don’t fade or chip away.

3. Bonfire Fire Pit

You don’t need a bunch of logs or a big space to make a bonfire anymore!

This model is a smokeless and portable fireplace and can be used as ambiance or for cooking food.

Your coach and the team can have a small gathering around this bonfire to celebrate a game of basketball.

4. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Is your coach known to skip breakfast just to get to practice on time?

This sandwich maker can make two custom sandwiches at the same time in just 5 minutes! It’s easy to use and clean up as well.

When Should I Give My Basketball Coach Their Gift?

Most young people buy gifts for basketball coaches at the end of the year before they move up a grade or graduate. The gift serves as a remembrance of themselves or that year’s team.

However, there’s no right time to give your basketball coach gifts. You can give it on their birthday or when you step off the court after your last game.


I really hope that you have picked something up from my personal list of gift ideas. A great coach deserves even a small gift for all the sacrifices they made for the players.

The gifts don’t have to be expensive or basketball-related but I’m sure that coaches will certainly appreciate anything coming from you!