Giannis Antetokounmpo Basketball Shoes [2024]

Born in Athens, Giannis Antetokounmpo has been one of the most dominant forces the league has ever seen. He electrified his fans with the best dunks they could’ve asked for.

From his highlight reel dunks, extra-long arms that swat away shots easily, and electrifying drives to the rim, there was no question regarding Giannis’ talent and his God-given physical tools.

And when you are dominating the NBA for quite some time, chances are, you will be one of the few lucky to be selected to have a signature shoe from a specific brand.

He signed a lucrative long-term contract with Nike; thanks to his hard work and determination. If you want to know all of his signature sneakers with Nike, then I’ve listed everything down below including my personal ranking of them.

What Are The Shoes Giannis Antetokounmpo Has Worn in The NBA?

Playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected 15th by the franchise in the 2013 NBA draft and has since been a champion, a two-time MVP winner, and a Defensive Player of the Year awardee.

While he was not an immediate superstar in the league, it took some time before he eventually took the reigns and made a name for himself as one of the rising stars in the league.

Being a superstar in the NBA means you will be selected as a brand ambassador from different brands, and he chose Nike as his primary basketball shoe sponsor.

Over the years, sneaker fans have been delighted with some of the best-performing shoes from him. Here’s a timeline of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s shoes over the years.

Nike Zoom Freak 1

  • Debut Season: 2019 – 2020 season
  • Release Price: $120

The Nike Giannis Antetokounmpo Freak 1 was his first signature Nike shoe. It wasn’t just the start of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature lines and the beginning of his brand.

When he resigned from Nike in 2017, rumors were circulating that he might have his signature sneaker after a few years.

Well, it took nearly two years for this to come to fruition, and the Nike Giannis Freak 1 was introduced in the 2019-2020 season.

His first signature shoe won in every performance department and was even noted as one of the most affordable signature sneakers on the market.

The Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 is a well-rounded sneaker with an amazing on-court feel and low-to-the-floor feel, and designers were keen on details based on Antetokounmpo’s liking.

As you’ve witnessed during games, he takes lengthy strides, which the multidirectional pattern kicks in. It gives plenty of lateral support and a profound feel during defensive stances.

Nike Zoom Freak 2

  • Debut Season: 2020 to 2021 season
  • Release Price: $130

The Nike Freak 2 was another favorite of ours in terms of performance, adaptability, and well-roundedness. Playing with these is almost like playing alongside Giannis.

These signature basketball shoes were teased in March 2020 and released on July 25th, 2020.

There were a lot of colorways with the Freak 2, but nothing was better than the “Naija” inspired by the Milwaukee Bucks forward’s Nigerian Heritage.

For this signature sneaker, they went into it with a little bit more details at hand. They were designing these signature basketball shoes to maximize the effectiveness of Giannis’ amazing euro-step.

As a result, they patterned the outsole based on Giannis’ feet and allowed for two separate outsoles that were bridged together using a midsole shank.

The results were amazing, and he went on to win his first Most Valuable Player award and his first NBA championship and Finals MVP award while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

These signature basketball shoes will become one of his most memorable ones.

Nike Zoom Freak 3

  • Debut Season: 2021 to 2022 seasons
  • Release Price: $120

The Nike Freak 3 brought a change to Giannis’ signature basketball shoes. This time, it focuses more on another playing style of Giannis to make it more effective.

This shoe focuses more on being lower to the ground or floor, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of Giannis when running up and down the court.

Of all the signature basketball shoes Giannis has, this is the only one with a strap, which I personally liked the most because it brings a different dimension to it regarding lockdown and the exact location of the strap.

The strap was engineered to keep the foot contained while also locking down the forefoot and midfoot areas to reduce the foot’s center of gravity, eventually gaining performance in the process.

We were fortunate enough to check them up close and personal; these were undoubtedly made of premium materials.

The forefoot zoom units under the heel area have great shock-absorbing features that boost energy during rebounds and landings while being more responsive for a quick step-to-step movement.

These signature basketball shoes were eventually released on July 1, 2021, featuring multiple colorways, and Giannis took home another Most Valuable Player award.

Nike Zoom Freak 4

  • Debut Season: 2022 to 2023 NBA season
  • Release Price: $135

The Nike Freak 4 is his latest signature shoe, released in August 2022. It was released in conjunction with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first Disney movie.

This signature basketball shoe features a tilted cushioning system to allow players to propel themselves forward efficiently. The hollowed-out area under the forefoot makes the basketball shoes light and responsive.

It also allowed the cushioning system to perform adequately without affecting performance and responsiveness. The externals were made of highly durable and premium materials.

They infused the upper material with lightweight and durable foam for extra stability. Also, according to Nike’s site, this added feature keeps the foot stable even when you play for long periods and make lateral changes.

Admittedly, designers needed help designing his basketball shoes based on his attributes. However, the results have shown that Nike has been dedicated to providing Giannis and all the sneakerheads the shoes they deserve.

Nike Giannis Immortality 2

  • Debut Season: 2022 to 2023 season
  • Release Price: $84.99

The Nike Giannis Immortality shoes are one of his newest shoe lines outside the Freak Lines. These basketball shoes, like Kyrie’s Flytrap and KD’s KDTrey lines, were cheaper and centered toward the budget market.

Although these shoes were teased about being released in 2021, they were eventually released at the Nike site in the summer of 2022.

While these basketball shoes are catered towards the budget market, it wasn’t a slouch either. The Nike Giannis Immortality shoes are impressive in their own right outside of the Freak lines.

This basketball shoe is a win for budget-oriented sneakerheads and players. These shoes were most notable for how crazy their traction is and for their durable upper materials.

Also, these have super shock-absorbing capabilities minimizing impact from traveling to the leg from the foot at the moment of impact.

Best Giannis Antetokounmpo Signature Basketball Shoes (Ranked)

If I would consider all the reviews and the available Giannis basketball shoes that I’ve tried, it is safe to say I can rank them easily based on my personal preference.

If you want to know the best-performing Giannis shoe down until the worst, you can check out my detailed analysis below.

1. Nike Zoom Freak 4

The latest addition to his sneaker collection is currently the crowning jewel of his signature line.

What makes the Freak 4 the best in his long list of signature lines is that it provides some of the best cushioning and solid performance across the board.

These come relatively inexpensive if you compare them to other signature lines like the KDs, Kyries, PGs, and Lebrons. Overall, these provide a sweet spot for performance and budget.

2. Nike Zoom Freak 2

Regarding performance, the Freak 2 is the second on the list with amazing reviews and comments.

While Giannis Antetokounmpo is primarily a forward, some believed these shoes were made for guards. It has a very low-to-the-ground feel and superb responsiveness.

The only drawback most people say with this signature shoe is the need for ankle protection. Judging from the design. It is a low-top shoe leaving little room to protect the ankle.

Nevertheless, for their price and with it being a signature shoe, these are amazing in their own right. I’d highly recommend this one if you prefer an on-court feel over impact protection.

3. Nike Zoom Freak 3

Despite being one of the more aesthetically-pleasing Giannis shoes, the Freak 3, which many people believe to be good, needs to catch up in many categories.

Don’t get me wrong, and it is still a decent shoe. However, compared to other signature shoes, it falls on many departments.

While the addition of the strap provided some lateral containment and lockdown, the shoe felt like it needed to be more responsive due to its bulky design.

Also, it feels slightly bouncy, which most players feel diminishes the responsiveness. But, more often than not, people believed it was a step back from the Freak 2s.

4. Nike Zoom Freak 1

The start is always the hardest, the way you look at it. Giannis’ first signature shoe was a weak introductory signature shoe in most lists.

While some people thought it was a solid performer, it lacked different aspects of its design that should be addressed.

Fortunately, some of the missing elements were addressed with Freak 2. However, the Freak 1s had mixed reviews, honestly. It didn’t perform well in the traction department.

Also, the cushioning was almost nonexistent, to be honest, and the materials used for this particular signature shoe left something to be desired.

It is not the best for outdoors either. I actually hoped the materials were premium enough as these shoes retailed for around $120 when it was introduced.

5. Nike Giannis Immortality 1

Well, budget sneakers are always behind the pack in terms of performance, as most of these were compromised due to the price.

However, despite being cheaply priced, the materials used for this shoe could have been better in so many ways. It almost feels like it can’t support your weight.

Also, it is a dust magnet and is better played on indoor courts. It is a budget model, and it shows why.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay, but it needs improvement if I compare it with other superstars’ budget lines.


Coming from a country with humble beginnings, Giannis Antetokounmpo has become one of the most recognizable athletes in the world that hails from Athens.

Selected by the Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis has dominated the league for a couple of years now. He has already won multiple awards throughout his tenure in the NBA.

Like his fellow athletes with signature basketball shoe lines with reputable brands, he has delighted me with some of the planet’s best and most affordable signature hoop sneakers. They are great in their own right and have been a personal favorite of mine lately.