Double Rim Basketball Hoop [2024]

I absolutely love playing basketball and I would often find myself playing in courts where rims are slightly thicker than usual. Well, this is because they are usually double-rimmed basketball hoops.

What is a double rim? Is it a better option than a traditional standard rim?

Double rims are more commonly found on outdoor basketball courts and outdoor playgrounds.

Double rims, single rims, standard rims, and what separates them from one another? In this article, I will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. Check it out.

What Is A Double-Rim Basketball Hoop?

As the name suggests, a double-rim basketball hoop is made of two single-rim hoops on top of each other. It looks like there’s an extra rim on top of the basket.

For comparison, a single-rim hoop is the more common type of basketball hoop when you play basketball indoors.

Double rims tend to be thicker and more durable than your traditional single-rim hoop.

A double rim makes a better choice as it is specially made to withstand outdoor elements when playing street basketball.

Note: While it’s easy to think that NBA hoops are considered double-rim, it’s not. Most single rims used by the NBA appear thicker because it uses a tube-tie system.

Why Do Some Basketball Courts Use Double-Rims?

Some basketball courts use double rims because of several reasons. But the main reason why they are using double-rim basketball hoops is because of their durability.

A double rim is far more superior compared to a single-rim hoop. It is one of the reasons why double-rimmed hoops are found on outdoor courts.

When a basketball game is played outside, outdoor elements such as snow, rain, wind, and moisture can cause wear and tear.

In addition, shooting and dunking the ball and extreme play are factors that can cause the rapid wear and tear of single rims.

To address this issue, basketball hoop manufacturers followed the concept of putting two single rims in one basketball hoop.

As a result, double-rimmed hoops were born. A double-rim basketball hoop can easily withstand ferocious dunks due to its construction. With a double-rimmed hoop, other extreme play doesn’t really pose any additional risks.

In short, if you want to play basketball to develop your jump shot or shooting ability, a double-rim hoop is definitely preferred over a single-rimmed hoop.

Does The NBA Use Double-Rimmed Hoops?

As I have mentioned, while it may look like the NBA is using a double-rim hoop, it’s actually not.

The NBA uses the standard single-rim design but with a tube-tie system integrated onto it. This system reduces the risk of basketball players from catching the hooks and crannies on old single-rim hoops.

While this tube-tie system gives it a bulkier and thicker look, it is still considered a single rim.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Double-Rim Hoops?

As a basketball player, it cannot be easy to play basketball on a double-rimmed hoop cannot be easy.

However, if you practice on a basketball court with double-rimmed hoops, it can greatly impact and improve your shooting touch.

Improved Shooting Accuracy

From different experiences, great shooters have difficulties playing on a double-rimmed hoop due to the double rim’s material lessening the bounce of the ball.

But if you’re constantly shooting on a double rim, you might improve your shooting touch faster in the long haul if you dedicate yourself.

When everything’s said and done, you will eventually become a great shooter if you constantly practice shooting on a double-rim hoop.

If you have a soft touch, good bounce, and constantly train on double rims, you shoot much better regardless of whether you play outdoors or indoors.

Double rims might make your life harder as you have difficulties making your shots on the basket, but this will only help elevate your game if you practice constantly.

Note: If you constantly practice your jump shot daily, there’s no reason why your game won’t improve. Dedication and perseverance are key to being the best in the game.

Develop Shooting Form

When you develop your true shooting form, your level of play will tremendously increase. Double-rim forces you to make tougher shots because it’s hard to swish the ball.

But with constant repetition, you will improve not only your shooting form but also your shooting skills as well.

Your form and shooting skills go hand-in-hand as you get to a point where your shots are constantly going in; everything comes easy for you, especially your shooting confidence about your shot.

Good shooters tend to have a higher arc when shooting the ball. If you master this with regular training, shooting the ball at your local gym is like a cake.


Double rims were made to be the more durable choice than the standard basketball rim.

Players hanging on single rims tend to take the brunt of why basketball hoops deteriorate rapidly.

But with a double rim, you aren’t worried because they are specially made for this particular reason.

While playing basketball on a double rim is hard for some, it can take some getting used to as you have to deal with this type of rim far longer than any other type.

Improved Responsiveness

When a ball touches a double-rimmed hoop, you don’t know where it’s going.

This motion will improve a player’s responsiveness in knowing where the ball will go after it hits the rim.

The unpredictability is what will keep you attentive to small details. It will eventually help you grab rebounds, recover a loose ball, and get a better position under the basket.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Double-Rim Hoops?

Some players complain about missing shots here and there whenever they play on a double rim rather than single-rimmed hoops. But I personally believe it’s not the case.

One of the disadvantages of double rims is that you may initially feel that you aren’t great at shooting the ball.

As I have experienced, even amazing shooters have difficulty making their shots when playing on a double rim.

This rim can only be a disadvantage if you don’t constantly shoot at practice.

But when you shoot a lot of shots during your training sessions, making difficult shots will be easy for you.

In addition, most players who have to deal with double-rimmed hoops have to arc their shot in a way that makes it easy to go in. This can be a disadvantage if you are not a great jump shooter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have more questions regarding double-rim hoops and other types of the rim, you might find them below.

What’s Worse, Double-Rim or No Net?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. I believe it’s a personal preference. Still, there are advantages and disadvantages regarding basketball hoop types.

High-flyers might love doing acrobatic dunks and layups on a double rim, whereas good shooters are more favored on a regular rim.

Double-rim might be the rim you’re after if you play basketball full force. But a single-rim hoop is best for you if you have a softer touch.

As for no net, I would not love to play on public courts with no net, and basketball is meant to be played with a hoop and a net on it.

It can feel awkward, especially for shooters who cannot hear the shot swish in the hoop without the net.

What Is the Strongest Type of Rim?

Double rims, of course. Based on my experience, it’s the superior choice when it comes to durability.

While shooters have almost no chance of swishing their shot when it comes to a double rim, they can shoot their shot knowing their rim will withstand rigorous use and bounce.


The main difference between a double rim and a single rim is that a double-rimmed hoop has extra thickness compared to a single rim. It’s like two rims on top of each other!

While there’s an optical illusion that a double rim is slightly taller than a standard rim, I will have to debunk that myth. All rims have the same height.

So, what is the point of double rims? Double rims have several advantages you can use to hone your skills and talent, eventually getting you into college basketball and earning that shot at a scholarship!

With great bounce and patience, double rims will be second nature to you in no time!