Brothers In NBA [2024]

It’s rare for brothers, relatives, and even twins to succeed in one sport. But basketball is a good example of how brothers, twins, and relatives can excel in the same sports league professionally.

The NBA is no stranger to this feat, and we’ve been fortunate enough to see some players that are siblings, twins, and relatives at the same time playing at the highest level.

I have made a list below if you’re wondering who some of the most notable brothers in the NBA are. Check them out.

The Most Notable Brothers Who Play In The NBA

Below is the list of the most notable siblings who have played in the NBA. If you want to know who they are, refer to the list below.

1. Horace and Harvey Grant Twins

Horace and Harvey Grant are famous for being identical twins who played in the NBA.

Horace Grant was notable for playing alongside Michael Jordan, with the Chicago Bulls winning multiple championships before being traded to the Orlando Magic.

2. Jarron and Jason Collins Twins

Not long before the Lopez Twins rocked the Stanford Jerseys, the Collins twins first suited the Stanford Jersey.

Jarron Collins played for the Portland Trail Blazers in 2009, while his twin brother Jason Collins was the first openly gay player to play in the league.

3. Brook and Robin Lopez Twins

Like the Collins twins, the Lopez Twins did their exploits while donning the Stanford Jersey; they played for Stanford for two years before declaring for the NBA draft.

Brook Lopez enjoyed a promising career while playing for the Brooklyn Nets. He was able to reach the NBA finals and won his first-ever championship with the bucks.

On the other hand, Robin Lopez has played for different teams, including the Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers, and New Orleans Pelicans, to name a few.

4. Marc and Pau Gasol

Marc and Pau Gasol are the first Spanish brothers to play in the NBA. They were famously known for being traded for another during the 2007 NBA draft.

While Pau Gasol enjoyed an illustrious career playing with the legendary Kobe Bryant, Marc Gasol made a name for himself in Memphis as the Grit and Grind team that wreaked havoc on the defensive end during their time.

In addition, they are also both NBA champions, Pau with the Los Angeles Lakers and Marc Gasol with the Toronto Raptors.

The older Gasol had brief stints playing for the Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs before retiring.

5. Stephen and Seth Curry’s

Steph and Seth Curry will go down as the best shooting brothers in the league’s history. Their father was also a notable shooter during his prime, Dell Curry.

Stephen Curry might get a fair share of popularity as he is hailed as the greatest shooter of all time, but Seth has also carved a solid career playing for multiple teams.

Unfortunately, we might not see them wearing the same jersey for a while now, as they are both locked in contracts.

Steph Curry has played his entire career for the Golden State Warriors, while his younger brother is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Both of them are considered the best shooters in NBA history of the league.

6. Marcus and Markieff Morris Twins

Few are fortunate enough to play with their teams in the same team in NBA history, but the Morris Twins were lucky enough to play for three NBA seasons in Phoenix Suns.

They are known to get down and dirty against their opponents. They shared their NBA salaries and divided them up.

7. Jon, Brent, and Drew Barry

While the Currys are known for being shooters, the Barrys might make a run at their money if they start missing shots!

Brent Barry has had the most successful out of the siblings and won multiple NBA championships playing for the San Antonio Spurs.

Jon Barry has spent 14 seasons playing for eight teams, while Drew Barry was the least-tenured Barry brother, only playing for 60 games.

8. Jim and John Paxson

The Paxson Bros enjoyed an amazing basketball career spanning over 12 seasons. John Paxon was a three-time NBA champion when he played for the Bulls.

Jim was drafted by the Blazers and played for 9 seasons, while his brother played with Michael Jordan and captured multiple championships during his career with the Bulls.

9. Tom and Dick Van Arsdale

Phoenix has enjoyed a couple of brothers playing for their franchise. Before Zoran, Goran, Markieff, and Marcus, Tom and Dick Van Arsdale first played for the Phoenix Suns during the 70s and 80s.

Each Arsdale Brother played for 12 seasons and appeared in three all-star games.

They were nicknamed the “Original Twins” because the franchise had multiple sets of brothers playing for them.

Arsdale bros played for twelve seasons, and both of them retired at the age of 35.

10. Giannis, Thanasis, and Kostas Antetokounmpo

It’s quite a rarity to feature a set of twins playing in the sport, but it has been absurd to feature three brothers.

The Antetokounmpo family might go down as the most well-accomplished trio of siblings, as they are the first trio to win a championship.

Giannis and Thanasis won their championship playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, while Kostas won while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kostas is the younger brother of the two and enjoyed playing for three seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He now plays for the Chicago Bulls, while his brothers still play for the Milwaukee Bucks.

11. Caleb and Cody Martin Twins

The Martin twins were fortunate enough to play with each other for the Charlotte Hornets for one season.

However, after one season, Caleb Martin signed with Miami Heat, while his twin brother remained with Charlotte Hornets this season.

12. Caldwell, Charles, Major, and Wil Jones

The Jones family field four brothers in the organization. While they might be unknown amongst fans, they are the only four brothers able to play in the NBA.

13. Lonzo and LaMelo Ball

While there are three Ball players who play basketball professionally in the league, Li’Angelo Ball has yet to play an actual NBA game.

He plays for Charlotte’s NBA G-League affiliate team, while his brothers play for a current team.

LaMelo Ball is a one-time all-star who plays for the Charlotte Hornets team, whereas his older brother Lonzo Ball plays for the Bulls in the current season.

14. Jrue, Aaron, and Justin Holiday

Jrue, Aaron, and Justin Holiday are the first trio of brothers to set foot on the NBA court in the same game.

Jrue Holiday is the middle brother of the Holidays, Justin is the older brother, whereas Aaron is the youngest.

Aaron and Justin played for the same NBA team in different seasons, one with the Indiana Pacers and another with Atlanta Hawks.

15. Al and Dick McGuire

Both siblings were known for how different they played.

Al was known for his brash nature accumulating a whopping 6.1 fouls a game, whereas Dick McGuire was the better brother as he was named 7-time all-star during his time with the league.

They are also the only siblings to be enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

16. Willy and Juancho Hernangomez

Willy and Juancho are another set of Spanish siblings who played for different teams in the league.

Willy Hernangomez was drafted by the New York Knicks during the 2015 NBA draft, whereas his younger brother was drafted during the 2016 NBA draft.

17. Amen and Ausar Thompson Twins

The Thompson brothers became the first twins drafted in the top ten of the NBA draft on June 22, 2023.

Other Relatives Working In The NBA

There are also a few other relatives who work in the league that might shock you. Check them out below!

Jeff and Stan Van Gundy

While Jeff has become a colorful commentator for the league, Stan has remained one of the best defensive coaches for some time.

One story Jeff Van Gundy never forgets is when he played against his brother, who was coaching with Houston Rockets.

He was amazed at how they had become coaches of their respective teams.

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter

They might be known as some of the most versatile scorers the league has ever seen, but they are also cousins.

They have 15 All-Star selections to their names and enjoyed an illustrious career.

Tracy McGrady led the league in scoring in back-to-back seasons, while Vince Carter is the only player in league history to play for 22 seasons!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have more questions regarding NBA brothers, relatives, and many more, you might find them below.

How Many Brothers Are Currently In The NBA?

As of writing, eleven sets of siblings are currently playing in the league. They are:

  • LaMelo and Lonzo Ball
  • Seth and Steph Curry
  • Jalen and Jaden McDaniels
  • Caleb and Cody Martin
  • Robin and Brook Lopez
  • Juancho and Willy Hernangomez
  • Marcus and Markieff Morris
  • Tre and Tyus Jones
  • Giannis, Thanasis, and Kostas
  • Jrue, Justin, and Aaron
  • Franz and Mo Wagner

Are All 3 Ball Brothers Playing In The NBA?

Of the three NBA siblings, Li’Angelo Ball is the only brother who is not currently playing for any team.

However, he has previous stints playing for the Detroit Pistons on a training camp deal and the Hornets on a non-guaranteed deal.


It’s not rare for siblings to play on the same court, let alone win championships. A couple of them have had successful careers, while some were able to carve out sold ones.

I really hope this article gives you more information about some notable twins and siblings who currently play professional basketball at the highest level.

Feature Image credit: Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons