7 Best White Basketball Shoes In 2024

No time to read? My choice for the best white basketball shoe is the Nike LeBron XIX.

Let’s admit it, everything looks good in white, right? That’s especially true for us basketball shoe lovers.

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of the best white basketball shoes on the market today, then lucky for you because I’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of the best white basketball shoes that I think are a great addition to your shoe collection. Check out my list below:

7 Best White Basketball Shoes

There can be a lot of variations when it comes to basketball shoes, especially their colors.

However, I was fortunate enough to be able to get hold of a lot of white basketball shoes and have actually tried out some of the best white basketball shoes today. Check out my comprehensive review below.

1. Nike Air Jordan 36

The Jordan brand has never failed me when it comes to the best white basketball shoes on the planet.

Their very own Air Jordan 36 is one to watch out for if you don’t have it yet. The upper materials are made of durable materials, which makes it a solid performer regardless of what position you play.

While I do not suggest playing it outdoors as it’s a dust magnet, any indoor surface is enough to bring your best game and has the right combination of stability and responsiveness.

Overall, I really liked this product not only for its sleek white colorways but also exceeded my high expectations in every department.


  • Synthetic Reinforcement Forefoot
  • Composite Textile
  • Eclipse Plate 3.0 Support System


  • Great for players with explosive play styles
  • The upper material is made of durable materials
  • Amazing traction on indoor courts
  • Great for different play styles
  • All-around performer


  • Slight heel slippage
  • Expensive price tag

2. Nike LeBron XIX

The Nike LeBron 19 is the 19th signature shoe of LeBron James. These sneakers have unreal cushioning, almost like your feet are wrapped in the clouds.

Only a few Nike basketball sneakers can match this basketball shoe’s comfort level.

The only problem I have encountered is it’s not great when played on outdoor courts. It’s a dust magnet, and the style of this shoe is meant to be played on indoor courts.

Still, this shoe is spectacular. It has the right balance of comfort, responsiveness, and feel. The lacing system provides convenience.


  • Flywire Cables
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Components
  • Nike Cushion Foam Midsole


  • Good support with impressive stability
  • Amazing traction
  • High-top design for better heel and ankle support
  • Cushioning feels incredible
  • Upper materials are lightweight


  • Expensive price tag
  • It needs more time to be broken-in
  • Not meant to be played outdoors

3. Nike KD 14

The Nike KD 14 is the 14th signature shoe of Kevin Durant. It has got to be one of the best basketball shoes on our list regarding performance aspects.

While this is not lightweight, the solid rubber outsole and synthetic mesh upper material make this product perform to its superior standards.

Regardless of what type of court, most basketball players will enjoy its incredible traction and cushioning system, which you can feel when going for a jump or quick cuts.

The sleek white design is like icing on top. No matter what your play style is, it will surely suit anyone.


  • Cushion Foam
  • Upper Midfoot Strap
  • Multidirectional Outsole Pattern


  • Incredible traction on hardwood and indoor courts
  • Comfortable cushioning and snug fit
  • Available in lots of color variations
  • Straps provide proper closure
  • Durable material offering impact protection


  • Breathability and ventilation issues
  • It takes more time to break in
  • May need to go down half a size

4. Nike Kyrie 8

The Nike Kyrie 8 has been a staple signature shoe for different categories, and the Nike Kyrie Lines are great because they are well-known for their incredible features.

These sneakers from Nike are remarkable in their own right; the impact protection is amazing, the rubber outsole has great traction, and the cushioning is comfortable enough when jumping to get rebounds.

Playing with these will make you less likely to encounter heel slippage or discomfort. These sneakers are a steal if you grab some of these pairs.

Overall, these are great for guards; it has the right balance of durability, quality, lightweight materials, and on-court grip.


  • Nike Forefoot Zoom Unit
  • U-shaped Heel Zoom Unit
  • Multidirectional Pattern
  • Nike Zoom Strobel Unit


  • Great sneakers for guards
  • It feels very light and responsive
  • Good for players that have a narrow foot
  • The rubber outsole has an amazing on-court grip
  • When laces are tight, it provides incredible lockdown


  • Not good for basketball players with a wide foot
  • Not for aggressive plays

5. Nike Air Jordan Luka 1

If you are on the hunt for the best-performing white basketball shoes, the Jordan Luka 1 is by far one of the best during this current NBA season.

It has a great balance of grip, comfort, and bounce. The white basketball shoe from Luka Doncic is off to a good start and is currently making waves as one of the best signature sneakers today.

We’re impressed with this shoe’s style; it looks appealing to the eyes and new. If you are a basketball player and value traction and stability, I highly recommend this one.

The Jordan Luka 1 is a surefire candidate to be the best basketball shoe this year. Its cushioning, bounce, and lockdown are more than enough to bring your A-game when it matters the most.


  • IsoPlate System
  • Formula23 Foam Midsole
  • Flightwire Frame Cables


  • It feels very light and low to the ground
  • Incredible impact protection
  • Comfortable upper materials
  • Stellar lockdown and traction
  • Great on-court bite and responsiveness
  • Good for different play styles


  • Not for outdoors
  • Materials feel cheap
  • The laces feel flimsy

6. Jordan Why Not Zer0.4

The Why Not Zer0.4 is one of the best basketball shoes to watch out for because it is played by one of the most aggressive players in the NBA this season, Russell Westbrook.

I feel like this basketball shoe is designed for how Russel Westbrook plays; the cushioning is comfortable, and the high-top design provides plenty of heel and ankle support.

It has one of the best tractions in the world today, and we’d highly recommend this one if it’s available in your area. It’s a solid performer regardless of court type.

We’re thrilled to add this great basketball sneaker to today’s best white basketball shoe collection.

Just imagine replicating Westbrook’s moves with these sneakers. A great performer indeed!


  • Double-stacked Zoom Air Unit
  • Injected Midsole Phylon
  • Modified Translucent Herringbone Traction Pattern


  • Good value for money
  • It feels light and low to the ground
  • Impressive lateral stability
  • Comfortable cushioning system
  • Great lockdown and very responsive
  • Well-ventilated and breathable


  • The outsole pattern is thin and not intended for outdoors
  • The cushioning around the heel section is quite thin, which makes it not ideal for post players

7. Adidas Dame 7

A new basketball sneaker from Adidas, the Dame 7, is something you would want if you prefer playing basketball outside.

It doesn’t easily slide on outdoor and dusty courts and is enough to provide you with the best bite of all the basketball shoes Adidas makes.

The Adidas Dame 7 is one of the newest additions from the Adidas Brand. It will keep you low to the ground and offer incredible comfort with its light-strike foam cushioning technology.

Overall, these white basketball shoes are great and would give you the best outdoor performance of all the Adidas shoes sold on the market today. These are great and would be a nice addition to your sneaker collection.


  • Lightstrike Foam Cushion
  • Synthetic Nubuck


  • It feels light and close to the ground
  • Improved grip with insane lockdown
  • Balanced cushioning
  • Well-ventilated
  • Great lateral security
  • Light in weight and close to the ground


  • These basketball shoes don’t feel premium
  • The low-top design doesn’t offer additional ankle support
  • The laces need to be tucked in to add lockdown

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other white basketball shoes that didn’t make the cut but are worth mentioning if you are still on the hunt.

Nike Cosmic Unity

The Nike Cosmic Unity is one of the best-performing shoes from Nike. It has the right combination of cushioning and lateral lockdown. A lot of NBA players wear these during the season for their performance.

Puma MB

This is one of the most popular shoes during the current NBA season. It has a lot of color variations, and it has exceeded our expectations in every category. I really love the color, responsiveness, low-to-the-ground feel, and traction.

New Balance Two WXY

The New Balance Two WXY is one of the newest additions of impressive basketball shoes from New Balance.

It has all the makings to be one of the best and is already turning heads during the current NBA season. It’s a great performer for different play styles.

What Makes White Basketball Shoes Different From Others?

A pair of white basketball shoes hit differently for basketball players because they complement what they wear.

Unlike any other colors, black and white don’t have any nuances to them. NBA players feel like whatever NBA accessories they wear throughout the season match their white basketball shoes.

Simply put, it matches the recent fashion trend of what basketball players are trying to imitate. As I have mentioned, you can never go wrong with white.

They look pretty sleek and elegant regardless of what you put or combine them into. Whites are the best colors for basketball shoes.

Factors To Consider When Buying White Basketball Shoes

Before you head straight out to your local store to buy your first pair of sneakers, there are things you might wish to consider first before buying one.


A pair of basketball shoes should bite anywhere, regardless of the surface.

I recommend shoes with a stable rubber outsole, as they can withstand the rigors of day-to-day basketball games.

In addition, you will be less likely to slip and slide if your basketball shoes have good traction.

With good traction, you will also be unlikely to encounter injuries as it reduces the chance of slipping and sliding during the game, eventually leading your team to victory.


When you buy a pair of sneakers, you want something that provides comfort, security, lockdown, and ventilation.

This way, you can perform the best game of your life without worrying too much about different things.

I highly recommend fitting them out to get a feel of the shoes. Once worn, try walking and running with it to see if it is comfortable.

Remember, you can’t play at the highest level when you are uncomfortable because of the discomfort it brings to your feet.


While Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordan are the staple names regarding the best brands worldwide. Puma and New Balance are currently making a run at their money this year.

I’ve had the opportunity to review some of these incredible white basketball shoes, each of which possesses something that would boost your performance and enhance your appearance on the court.

I hope this list of mine has helped you in many ways in choosing your desired white basketball shoes for your needs.