5 Best Puma Basketball Shoes In 2024

If you quickly want to know my recommendation for the best Puma basketball shoes, then go for the Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes.

Are you in the market for Puma footwear and can’t decide which one to get?

Well, you’ve just come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the following best basketball shoes from PUMA:

5 Best PUMA Basketball Shoes

Let’s get into the details and scrutinize the features, pros, and cons of each pair of basketball sneakers from Puma.

1. Clyde All-Pro Basketball Shoes – Best Puma Overall


  • Extra light and comfortable
  • Steady and versatile
  • Breathable
  • Affordable

The midsole is made with ProFoam+, which is lighter, bouncier, and more comfortable than the usual Pro Foam.

It also features a multi-zone woven upper which makes these basketball shoes as light as they can be.

Plus, with a cushioned heel, a generously padded tongue, and a smooth heel-to-toe transition, this new model has greatly improved from its older versions.

The outsole rubber of this shoe has a good steady grip when running at full speed, thanks to the outsole traction patterns.

It’s perfect for both the outdoors and indoor flooring surfaces.

So if you’re looking for basketball shoes that are more versatile and can be worn on other days, this is the pair you’re looking for.

And for extra hot days or a rigorous game, this pair of Puma basketball shoes have excellent moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet from overheating.

The goal of the Clyde All Pro is to be the rival basketball shoe of the bests of Adidas and Nike (yes, even the Nike Kobe 9), but without the part about hurting your wallet.

Versatile and designed to be worn indoors and outdoors, it’s made for anyone who plays basketball.

It’s even suitable for those who just want a pair for everyday wear. Also, the Puma Clyde All Pro is the best option for women because it’s lighter than most basketball shoes.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Extremely light
  • Woven reinforced eyelets
  • Stable and grounded


  • Minimal forefoot cushioning
  • Not for the wide footed
  • It needs to be broken in

2. Clyde Hardwood Basketball Sneakers – Best Value


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Durable
  • Soft and comfortable

The Clyde Hardwood doesn’t look like your average performance basketball shoe. Its nostalgic retro style looks straight out of a fashion show.

Everyone says it doesn’t matter if this shoe isn’t the best performance-wise because it’s already so pretty. I don’t regret buying this pair for the look.

It’s built like a tank from real, premium leather and has very good caging (although some users complain that it’s a bit too caged).

It offers lots of support and is heavy but not bulky. It also uses ProFoam cushioning and offers a soft upper material for added comfort.

It’s a great choice for those who want to win by playing basketball games and in casual sneaker style.


  • Excellent traction performance
  • Stable ankle protection
  • Premium leather quality and style


  • Heavy and can be too narrow for wide-footed wearers
  • Not very good ventilation

3. Puma Court Rider – Best Budget Choice


  • Smooth and fluid
  • Cozy midsole

Also known as the initial signature shoe of LaMelo Ball, the Puma Court Rider features a very smooth heel-to-toe transition, and its greatest strength is in the midsole.

The outer is made of high abrasion rubber for good grip on indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Made of Riderfoam midsole, its fully exposed midsole allows you to compress so that you can sit very low and lets the sole of your foot feel cozy and cradled.

It also features Ultralite insoles for that noticeable feel that these basketball shoes are known for and offer adequate impact protection.

This pair of basketball shoes are for those who want a better court feel and can make do with the cushioning

Set side by side with the Puma Legacy, it’s a low top instead of high, so it’s best for those who aren’t looking for much ankle support. It’s also much cheaper compared to the Legacy shoe.


  • Good tongue padding
  • Well ventilated upper
  • Lots of forefoot flex


  • Traction can still be improved

4. Puma Clyde Court Reform


  • Heavy but comfy
  • Soft as socks

This Puma bottom is heavy, but the upper is light, so it balances out.

This pair is made of durable rubber soles but is very flexible, and the knit material flexes and moves with your foot naturally, but without overstretching or restricting your foot movements.

Since it’s knit, this basketball shoe feels very soft and comfortable. Like its brother, the Clyde Court Disrupt, both shoes are an excellent fit for the game!

It also has decent cushioning thanks to the combination of Puma energy beads and Ignite foam that absorbs much impact.

Plus, padding under the laces allows you to tighten the laces as much as you want without feeling the pressure of the individual laces on your feet.

If you’re in the basketball market for bottom-heavy, quality shoes that are comfortable but still let you feel the floor, this pair of Puma shoes is for you.


  • Adequate outdoor traction
  • Stable
  • Impact protection
  • Flexible
  • Fresh style and bright shoe colors


  • It can feel a bit heavy for some

5. Puma Uproar Spectra


  • Good traction
  • Firm and Secure

A clear upgrade from the last model in the market, the Puma Uproar shoe features multi-directional blade traction (with most of it facing linear).

The design of this shoe is engineered to provide good front-to-back coverage during games, plus lateral traction so that you get covered at all times no matter what angle your foot is moving.

It also uses the Puma shoe hybrid cushioning technology, the process of which combines the Puma energy beads and Ignite foam, making the shoe bouncy towards the back.

The rest of the shoe foam doesn’t use the Ignite foam, but it feels very firm and gives you a lot of court feel.

Other than being able to protect your ankle, the Uproar also has a TPU wrap-around piece to secure lockdown and prevent running injuries due to slipping during the game.

If you’re looking for a pair of basketball shoes that is firm, steady, secure, and can protect your ankle well, this is the perfect footwear for you.

This footwear will also give basketball players a stable ride, but without much bounce like the Hybrid cushioning.


  • Good overall fit
  • Short break-in time
  • Durable quality


  • Not good cushioning
  • Transition can feel clunky when running

Who Should Buy Puma Basketball Shoes?

Every shoe Puma puts out in the market is made for active ballers and NBA-level players.

The brand also takes on a culture-first approach, meaning every shoe is meant to be worn fashionably out of your intense competitive level game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have questions about basketball shoes manufactured by Puma? I have listed below the frequently asked questions that I have encountered about this topic.

Are Puma Shoes Good For Basketball?


They are made for intense, everyday basketball games.

Do Any NBA Players Wear Puma Shoes?


NBA players with Puma shoes include J. Cole, Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, DeMarcus Cousins, RJ Barrett, Deandre Ayton, and more.

I am definitely keeping an eye out this coming season to see who are the additions to the Puma basketball family.

The Awesome Choices

Still undecided? Buy any of my top picks below and you won’t regret your decision.

Best Budget – Puma Court Rider

Did you note this model from the storied NBA 2K video game franchise?

It doesn’t just win there, but also in real life. It’s for those who want comfort and court feel in one sneaker, good ventilation, and impact support.

Best Value – Puma Clyde Hardwood

Stylish, comfortable, has lots of support, and bottom heavy but not bulky, the Puma Hardwood just wins everywhere.

It’s even durable and is made of premium quality leather.

Best Overall – Puma Clyde All Pro

It’s comfortable, versatile, breathable, steady, and super light that it can help with your speed.

Experts agree that it’s the best of the best puma basketball shoes, that there are hardly any cons.


And there you have it.

I hope you find the best Puma basketball shoe for you and that it improves your hoops experience.

Thank you for reading, and have fun shopping.