7 Best Molten Basketballs In 2024

No time to read? My choice for the top Molten basketball is the Molten GM7X.

Are you a beginner or an experienced player? It doesn’t matter! Using the best Molten basketball can definitely enhance your overall performance on the court. You will surely find one that suits you at every level of your game.

Molten is a good basketball brand. It is reputable for its wide range of basketballs. In fact, they are the official brand partner of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

In this article, I will be sharing with you my top 7 Molten basketballs. I’ll also cover in detail the important factors to consider when choosing a basketball for your needs. Read on to find out more about the official basketballs used in FIBA tournaments.

Top 7 Molten Basketballs

I’ve tried several of the top-rated Molten basketball on the market today and below are my favorite for different court surfaces and budgets.

1. Molten GM7X – Best Overall


  • Material: Premium Composite Leather Cover
  • Dimensions: Size 7-29~29.5“
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Indoor/Outdoor versions
  • Special Features: 12-panel design, flat-pebble surface, approved by FIBA

With my many years of shooting hoops on the concrete streets, I find the Molten GM7X to be the best outdoor Molten basketball there is!

The Molten GM7X is made of classic ball leather, glued seamlessly to last for years and years of exciting and intense games. It can withstand long hours of play in both indoor and outdoor courts.

Its improved pebble pattern gives it a soft touch, offering an awesome grip. It still maintains its non-slip and wear-resistant features too. Plus, it’s easy to inflate without risks of air leaks.

Design-wise, this Molten basketball is a show-off on the court, given the great work done by Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Its brilliant patch distributions and color contrast make it easy to spot in a very fast-paced game. You won’t have trouble focusing on the ball and the game with this excellent basketball!


  • Improved pebble touch
  • Better visibility and touch
  • High-quality construction
  • Indoor and Outdoor versions available
  • Solid grip
  • Non-slip even with sweat and moisture
  • 1-year warranty


  • More expensive than other options

2. Molten GG7X – Best Premium Pick


  • Material: Premium Composite Leather Cover & Butyl Bladder
  • Dimensions: Size 7-29~29.5“
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Indoor courts
  • Special Features: 12-panel design, flat-pebble surface, FIBA-approved

Are you looking for the perfect indoor basketball? You don’t need to look any further. The Molten GG7X is one of the best basketballs you can get your hands on.

The Molten GG7X is a FIBA-approved basketball made of a remarkable premium leather cover and flat-pebble surface.

Compared to previous models, this improved model is made highly durable, which allows for optimal ball control.

This great ball has a 12-panel design and build, allowing for a perfect landing when you are trying to catch a pass. Plus, it also delivers excellent shot release and offers fantastic bounce.

Its great passing capabilities and best grip give you that added boost of confidence on the court. If you’re passionate about the sport, the high-quality Molten GG7X is worth every buck!


  • FIBA-approved
  • Durable composite leather cover
  • 2-year extended warranty
  • Good air keeping
  • Exceptional grip and control
  • Trusted by professional players


  • Durability will be compromised on outdoor courts
  • Needs breaking in
  • Premium price

3. Molten BG3800 – Best Budget Pick


  • Material: Synthetic Leather & Butyl Bladder
  • Dimensions: Size 7-29~29.5“
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Outdoor/ Indoor Courts
  • Special Features: 12-panel 2-tone design, pebble surface, FIBA-approved

If you are a newbie to the sport, the Molten BG3800 is the most value-for-money Molten basketball.

It’s the best possible ball you can get for just a few bucks. It’s a bonus that you can use the Molten BG3800 in both indoor and outdoor basketball games too.

Although synthetic material may not be the best material, it’s quite durable even on the various surfaces of outdoor play.

Even if I own other balls from other basketball brands, I don’t mind hooping with the Molten BG3800 any day of the week. I truly appreciate its bounce and great grip, even when you’ve got sweaty hands.


  • Affordable option
  • Good grip for casual play
  • Weather-resistant
  • FIBA-approved
  • 1-year warranty


  • Shipped deflated
  • Not as responsive as premium leather basketballs
  • Lacks performance features of higher-end models

4. Molten BG5000


  • Material: Premium Leather
  • Dimensions: Size 7-29~29.5“
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Special Features: 12-panel design, flat-pebble surface, FIBA official basketball

This next basketball, the Molten BG5000, is considered this year’s FIBA competitions’ official ball. It made its debut at the 2019 Basketball World Cup. It just makes sense for this beautiful ball to make it on my list!

Ideally, the BG5000 should be used indoors, but it still makes a good outdoor ball. I’ve played several games with this particular ball, and it truly amazed me with its overall quality.

I used it in both practice and league games, and the Molten BG5000 consistently delivers. Its foam concentration has been increased by 35%, with an EVA foam backing. This gives the ball a softer feel and better ball control.

But in my experience, I liked its outstanding grip performance the most. Its new surface texture makes it less slippery even when in contact with moisture and sweat. Plus, it can come in sizes fit for kids and adults alike.

Apart from being FIBA official, it is no wonder that among the best basketballs, this is the most famous one.


  • FIBA official model
  • Excellent grip and touch
  • Durable leather material
  • Best for indoor use
  • Absolute fingertip control


  • A bit pricey
  • Using it as an outdoor ball can compromise durability

5. Molten GR7


  • Material: Rubber
  • Dimensions: Size 7-29~29.5“
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Special Features: Wide channel design, pebble texture

If you are looking for a budget-friendly outdoor or indoor basketball, the Molten GR7 does not disappoint on the court. I’ve had some of my best games with this Molten basketball!

This Molten basketball is produced with improved engineering, making it truly durable and long-lasting.

Its sturdy rubber cover with a wide channel design provides an awesome grip and finger control that allows me to dribble with ease.

Plus, if you want to learn how to dunk in different ways, this Molten basketball is a great one!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact and durable rubber build
  • Popular among fans
  • Versatile for recreational play
  • Extremely stable


  • Poor packaging 
  • Not the best for kids
  • May not provide the best ball control

6. Molten BG4500


  • Material: Synthetic Leather & Butyl Bladder
  • Dimensions: Size 7-29~29.5“
  • Weight: 21 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Indoor/ Outdoor Use
  • Special Features: 12-panel 2-tone design, flat-pebble surface, FIBA-approved

Here is another indoor basketball worth your time on the court. Molten is proud to have its BG-Series showcased during the FIBA Basketball World Cups as its official balls. Of course, with its sleek design, any player is bound to perform at their best!

Grip control is essential in playing basketball confidently. So I like how its new surface texture plays well even with moisture and sweat.

What I also appreciate about the Molten BG4500 is the butyl bladder that makes sure the ball keeps its shape and doesn’t lose air for a long time.

You don’t have to use your pump as often as with other balls with the Molten BG4000. Being a cheaper ball, this is truly a bonus!

However, unlike the BG5000 which uses genuine leather, the BG4500 is made of synthetic leather. That’s why the price is lower. This means you might need it to break in for several uses before it loses its stiffness.

Furthermore, this Molten basketball performs above-averagely outdoors and is excellent as an indoor basketball. It’s an entry-level addition to Molten’s indoor basketball line, so don’t expect it to be as durable as its successor, the BG5000.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable synthetic leather build
  • FIBA-approved
  • Best for recreational use
  • Great feel and finger control
  • 2-year warranty


  • Picks up dust quickly
  • Not best for outdoor use
  • May not provide the same performance as higher-quality balls

7. Molten GR6


  • Material: Rubber
  • Dimensions: Size 6-28~28.5“
  • Weight: 20 oz
  • Applicable Venue: Indoor/ Outdoor Use
  • Special Features: Wide channel design, pebble texture

The GR7 and GR6 are almost the same ball, except they come in different sizes. This basketball is more suitable for teenagers and folks with slightly smaller hands.

I’d also say this is the best Molten basketball for beginners. It helps point guards work on handles, or small forwards who want to attack.

With just a few bucks, this basketball will provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and grip to showcase your skills.

What I also like about the Molten GR6 basketball is its brilliant and eye-catching color combination. I like how the contrasting colors help me notice the ball in the court much better, gaining more focus on the sport.

I am also glad that among other basketball brands, Molten has worked tirelessly to improve its rubber covers. Even the previous Molten basketballs I’ve used weren’t as good on concrete surfaces.

But using this outdoor Molten basketball is effortless. Hands down, the best outdoor ball you can get today!


  • Best outdoor basketball
  • Very sturdy rubber fabrics
  • Great colors for better visibility
  • Weather resistant
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for adults with big hands
  • Not the best option indoors
  • Limited grip
  • Does not hold air pressure well

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Molten Basketball for You

Based on my pro basketball experience and rigorous tests on both indoor and outdoor courts, here are 5 crucial features to look out for when buying the best Molten basketball for your needs:


The size of your basketball is crucial for comfortable handling and hooping accuracy. Molten basketballs are available in different sizes: Size 5 for younger players, Size 6 for women, and Size 7 for men. A size 7 is also the official size for FIBA tournaments.

For beginners and younger players, a smaller size may be more appropriate. Experienced players often prefer regulation-sized basketballs.

Remember: Even if you have the best Molten basketball, it doesn’t matter if you can’t handle it properly!


The material of the basketball impacts its durability and playability. Molten basketballs are typically made from genuine leather or high-quality composite leather.

Genuine leather offers superior performance but requires more maintenance, while composite leather provides a good balance of durability and grip.

The venue of your court, whether it is an indoor or outdoor play, is also an important factor to consider when choosing the material for your basketball.

Outdoor basketball games require a more durable ball since it will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Oftentimes, it’s not the most ideal of conditions.

Ideally, choose outdoor balls made of synthetic leather, but remember that quality balls are often pricier. If you are on a budget, go for a rubber outdoor basketball.

For indoor play, composite or genuine leather-made basketballs are most suitable. Although composite leather basketballs are more affordable than genuine leather, both still offer a better grip and feel than other materials.  


Having been playing basketball for many years in various leagues, I find that the best ball you could own is one with a good grip.

The grip is essential for ball control and hooping accuracy. A Molten basketball’s grip is influenced by the material, texture, and design of the ball’s surface.

I highly recommend getting a basketball with a pebbling or patterned surface. This provides an excellent grip, especially during intense gameplay or humid conditions.

Also, it is important to keep your basketball clean, free of dirt and debris. Even if you own an expensive ball, if you don’t maintain it, you will not be able to attain a good grip.


Another important factor to consider is your basketball’s weight. This also influences your shooting and passing accuracy. You can check out other online reviews to find your basketball’s weight.

Molten basketballs are designed to meet regulation weight standards, which are around 22 ounces for men’s size 7 balls, and 20 ounces for women’s size 6 balls.

Ensure the ball you choose is neither too heavy nor too light for your preference, as it affects your technique.


Molten is a good basketball brand for longevity and durability. However, if you do not maintain the ideal inflation pressure, you risk compromising a good ball.

Plus, overinflated or underinflated basketballs can affect bounce and shooting accuracy. Always check the recommended inflation pressure specified by Molten, which is usually between 7 and 9 psi.

I also recommend investing in a reliable air pump and gauge to maintain the ball at the correct air pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got more questions about the best Molten basketballs there are? Check out these FAQs.

Why Are Molten Basketballs Popular?

When people talk about basketball, it’s very difficult to separate the Molten brand from the sport.

These best Molten basketballs have gained popularity due to their exceptional quality, outstanding performance, and endorsement from various basketball organizations worldwide. 

The brand’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology ensures that Molten balls offer great grip, feel, and durability. This makes them a top choice among players, coaches, and leagues. 

Which Molten Basketball Does Fiba Use?

For the prestigious FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, the FIBA organization has announced the Molten BG5000 to be its official ball.

The Molten BG5000 has been used in FIBA competitions as an official game ball since August 2019. It’s a good ball of choice for its composite leather and pebble design that provides a good grip and control.

For 2023, Molten has produced an exclusive design called “The Passion Wave” for the Group Phase and the Final of the flagship tournament.

The heart and wave elements on this special BG5000 ball represents the passion for the sport of basketball that spreads and cascades around the world.

How Do You Know if a Molten Basketball Is Real or Fake?

It’s one thing to consider which of the best Molten basketballs fits your style. Avoiding the purchase of counterfeit Molten basketballs is another. 

Here are some tips I vouch for to help you buy only the original:

  • Purchase from authorized and reputable sellers or official Molten distributors.
  • Check for the Molten logo and correct spelling on the ball’s surface.
  • Examine the quality of the materials and stitching; genuine Molten basketballs have superior craftsmanship.
  • Verify the packaging and ensure it includes authenticity labels or holograms.

If you are still unsure, take note of the Molten basketball’s barcode and verify if it is the real one with the manufacturer. Most counterfeits will have the wrong barcode.

The Awesome Choice

Among my top picks on the best Molten basketballs, I have to pick the Molten GM7X as the overall best Molten basketball. I’ve had mine for years, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability and performance.

Before purchasing, don’t forget to consider factors such as size, material, grip, weight, and inflation to find the perfect ball that complements your style. I truly appreciate Molten for carrying other models that cater to various skill levels and budgets. 

Investing in a genuine Molten basketball will undoubtedly elevate your game and bring out the best in your skills on the court. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and shop for a FIBA-approved basketball.