5 Best Mismatched Basketball Shoes In 2024

If you quickly need to know what I’d recommend as the best mismatched basketball shoes, then go for Nike Men’s LeBron XIX Low Blue Chill / Black-Lt Crimson.

In recent years, mismatched basketball shoes are becoming more and more popular on basketball players’ feet. Many people are becoming fans of these unique and fancy colorways that most shoe brands are willing to cater to their preferences.

The only problem is that there are only a few iterations of LeBron, Kyrie, KD, and other signature lines that have adapted to this new day and age of customizing basketball shoes.

However, if you are looking for some amazing and fire mismatched basketball shoe colorways on the market today, you are right where you want to be.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the following best mismatched basketball shoes.

5 Best Mismatched Basketball Shoes

I’ve searched all over the place, and I have stumbled across plenty of options available. However, I’ve only listed five, as reviewing these amazing mismatched basketball shoes might take forever.

To help you further with your search, below is my list of the best mismatched basketball shoes in the market today. Check it out!

1. Nike Men’s LeBron XIX Low Blue Chill/Black-Lt Crimson


  • Nike React Technology Delivering Unparalleled Responsiveness
  • Padded Collar For Improved Ankle Support
  • Multidirectional Traction Pattern
  • Translucent Woven Upper for Added Durability
  • Sculpted TPU for Improved Forefoot Stability

The LeBron XIX Low is LeBron James’ 19th iteration of his legendary sneaker line. This pair of Blue/Black shoes has got to be one of the better-performing mismatched basketball shoes on the planet capable of delivering superior performance at a reasonable price.

What I liked about this mismatched basketball shoe is the unparalleled comfort due to Nike’s react technology that you can feel like your feet are wrapped around like a pillow. The Sculpted TPU around the forefoot area adds forefoot stability for instant stops and finishes in the rim.

While it has a multidirectional pattern, it doesn’t fare well on outdoor courts, so it is best to use this basketball shoe indoors. Still, the shoe feels pretty premium and sleek. It doesn’t compromise the quality but comes with a higher price tag.

Overall, I’m very impressed with how amazing the performance of this basketball shoe is when played indoors. If you have the means and ways to get this one, I highly recommend it if you are looking for the best-mismatched basketball shoes on the planet.


  • Amazing forefoot stability
  • Made of premium materials
  • Great on-court feel
  • Comfortable and well-ventilated
  • Bites on indoor courts


  • Not the best for outdoors
  • Quite expensive

2. Nike LeBron 18 Grade School Basketball Shoe Limited Edition


  • Light TPU Upper for Maximum Durability
  • Nike React Technology for Comfort and Bounce
  • Heel Air Max Unit for Shock Absorption and Comfort
  • Multidirectional Pattern

Another signature shoe from LeBron James, the Nike LeBron 18 Grade School Basketball Shoe, is one of the best-looking mismatched basketball shoes you can get for an affordable price.

This mismatched basketball shoe hits the sweet spot of performance, functionality, and price. This is an outlier, unlike most signature shoes of LeBron, which are quite expensive. Well, it does price up slightly but not compared to its siblings.

Still, I liked the traction; it doesn’t get too much dust when played indoors and is a good performer when played indoors. The comfort is surreal, and the Air Max technology infused in these provides excellent impact protection.

Materials used for this product feel premium and durable. It can last you a couple of years with constant use. It is very responsive, and although there is instability, I can give it a pass for its performance. Overall, great basketball shoes at a more reasonable signature sneakers price.


  • Amazing cushioning
  • Incredible impact protection
  • Bouncy feel
  • Consistent traction
  • Amazing colorway


  • Inconsistent stability
  • Not the best ventilation

3. Nike Mens Kybrid S2


  • Flytrap Lacing System for Better Foot Containment
  • Multidirectional Traction Pattern
  • Heel Zoom Unit for Responsiveness 
  • Upper Mesh Material for Durability

The Kyrie Irving Signature lines are one of the most sought-after ones for their craftsmanship as well as how amazing they perform when played indoors. For this iteration, the mismatched colorway is inspired by one of Kyrie’s favorite shows, Spongebob Squarepants.

The look on this mismatched basketball shoe has some personal touch and doesn’t forget all the important details regarding performance shoes. I played with these indoors and must keep these shoes obnoxiously bites on any surface.

I like that the mid-top design provides better ankle support, and the Flytrap lacing system is a new addition that I have come to love. The comfort is surreal, and the lateral containment is above average.

Overall, I’m impressed that this shoe is priced lower than most signature lines Nike has been releasing. If you happen to drop by a basketball store with these, I highly recommend you get these, as these are simply incredible—one of the best-performing signature shoes of Kyrie.


  • Secure and consistent foot containment
  • Amazing on-court feel
  • Impressive colorways
  • Incredible craftsmanship
  • Great for outdoor play
  • Fantastic ankle support


  • Not for wide footers
  • It needs constant wiping when played outdoors

4. Nike Mens PG 5


  • Full-Length Nike Air Dot Weld Strobel for Added Comfort and Cushioning
  • Multidirectional Traction Pattern for Improved Stop and Go Control
  • Mesh Upper for Added Durability
  • Extra Durable for Outdoor Courts

If you’re on the hunt for amazing mismatched basketball shoes that rival your athleticism and desire to play basketball daily, the Nike PG 5 is more than happy to oblige to your cause. 

What I’m saying is that this signature shoe of Paul George is simply remarkable. These are by no means average shoes, and these are great-performing shoes by any right. It bites on any court and has amazing lateral containment. The comfort and cushioning with these are incredible.

For stop-and-go movement, these bite more than they should. As I said, these are phenomenal if we’re talking about performance. I highly recommend these to guards and forwards who rely on speed and agility to blow past defenders.

Overall, these are amazing mismatched basketball shoes for the price. It doesn’t break the bank and can rival even some of the most premium basketball shoes on the market today.


  • Incredible traction
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Great value for money
  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Superb performance


  • Not for wide footers
  • Runs small
  • It needs more break-in time

5. Nike PG 6


  • Omnidirectional Pattern for Improved Stop and Go Control
  • Nike Air Zoom Technology Cushioning for Comfort
  • Nike React Foam Technology
  • Internal TPU Heel Counter

The PG 6 is one of the better-looking PG shoes in Paul George’s amazing sneaker line. This mismatched basketball shoe has got to be up there regarding looks and performance.

Wearing this basketball, I’ve been in love with it as you can feel the comfort and lockdown most people are looking for when buying performing shoes. I played with these in indoor and outdoor courts and encountered no problems regarding their traction and support.

The internal TPU counter is great, especially if you dive for loose balls and corral rebounds. The omnidirectional pattern is the best part of it all. It’s good-looking as well and doesn’t disappoint.

In addition, the only problem I experienced with this basketball shoe is it needs more break-in time. At first, the insides of the shoe are stiff and rigid. However, it settled in after constant play, and everything was harmonious from that point on. Overall, these are great and are one of the best-mismatched basketball shoes on and off the court.


  • Amazing comfort and stability
  • Great lateral containment
  • True-to-size
  • Good impact protection
  • Aesthetically-pleasing


  • Lacks proper ventilation
  • More break-in time needed

Why Invest in Mismatched Basketball Shoes?

There’s no particular reason why you should not invest in a mismatched basketball shoe. Their color combination is the only difference between them and other performance basketball shoes. As you can see, each pair has custom colors different from the other. However, their functionality remains the same.

While many argue they aren’t the same, they are simply the same, albeit in color combinations. Still, investing in these shoes is also like investing in performance shoes. 

Like most of my recommendations, investing in good-quality shoes is like protecting and safeguarding your feet’s well-being when playing basketball.

Investing in good quality shoes is the best way to go. You keep your feet safe and reduce the risk of injuries. Their colors won’t help much. However, some materials used in newer shoes are improving, such as impact protection, shock absorption, lateral containment, and many more.

What Should You Look for When Buying Mismatched Basketball Shoes?

Before you head over to your local shoe store, there are certain things you need to consider in order to get the best possible shoes for your playing style. 

If you want to have your best game, consider some of these to help elevate your game to the next level.


The cushioning of basketball shoes may sometimes be overlooked when you think of having your next outdoor basketball shoe. Little did you know, this factor should be considered, as it’s the backbone of the shoes to help achieve that very comfortable fit and usage.

When wearing mismatched basketball shoes, I always ensure that it comes with a decent cushion. This will keep my knees fresher for a little longer.

Of course, everyone has their preference when cushioning, so whatever that preference may be, make sure that a basketball shoe has a lot of it.


Another factor to consider is the traction in the bottom of the shoes to grip the floor and allow you to be agile. I need that traction that will not only grip the floor but also be durable enough to last.

You must determine if you will use the shoes for indoor or outdoor courts. Because once you choose the wrong one for the court, it may lead to slippages that could be very dangerous. Worse, it will never be that durable to wear at all.

The same goes for the traction pattern, and you should choose a multi-directional pattern as it will determine how long the shoes will grip and reach all directions.


Just think about the supportive basketball shoes; you might think of bulky high tops with many laces and straps. Luckily, basketball shoes have already found ways to give stability and safety to athletes. 

The most common support feature of mismatched basketball shoes is the outrigger. It’s typically placed on the adjacent side of the shoe. This extension of the sole would make the shoe’s base wider, giving a stable platform to protect the feet from sliding and rolling.


Comfortability is among the most important things I consider when choosing the best-mismatched basketball shoes. If you can’t stand wearing them for long periods, what’s the point of wearing and buying them in the first place?

With that,  always choose the shoes that fit you comfortably and help absorb impact when you run or jump. The harder you are on your feet, the more important this factor is.


When you’ve already figured out what you need and want in a mismatched basketball shoe, you can now look at the price to ensure you find a reasonably priced product. You must set a budget for buying shoes, as it will help you narrow down your choices when you look at the colors and styles.

While it’s true that shopping at any outlet could ensure that you will get the footwear of your choice, you’re only getting products that feature the same specs. Sure, waiting for discounts and sales on a shoe can be an option, but the best value for money is found at discount and outlet stores, especially online.


The material, cut, and design are the factors that make up the look of your mismatched basketball shoes. The cut could be a high or low-top, depending on your style and preference. The material should also be of the best quality for better traction on the court.

Of course, the design itself will represent your personality and style. With mismatched basketball shoes, you can have colorful laces that will complement the colors of the shoe. You should choose a pair representing your team, and the color and look can be a great factor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional questions regarding the best-mismatched basketball shoes, you might find some answers below.

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Mismatched Shoes?

Basketball players usually wear shoes with different colors to make it easier for the referee to determine when the player is out of bounds.

This will help a fair basketball game and allow each team to win without bias.

How Much Space Should I Leave at the End of a Basketball Shoe?

The rule of thumb is to leave half an inch to your actual size to give plenty of room for your toes to wiggle in. However, this scenario is often a personal preference.

Some basketball players like it to be snug leaving no spaces behind, whereas some like to give it plenty of headroom for their toes to breathe.

Still, there are no right or wrong answers regarding how much space you will leave at the end of the shoe. As long as you are comfortable with it, just go with it.

How to Break in a Basketball Shoe?

Materials used in today’s basketball shoes are quite rigid and tough, which is why some of them need break-in time for the materials to feel looser and softer.

One of the best ways you break in a  basketball shoe is to use them outside of basketball before playing with them.

You can either go for a light jog, walk with it, or play a casual pick-up game to loosen the materials to address its stiffness. Do these on days after your purchase and before the game to ensure it is broken.

The Awesome Choices

Let’s face it, choosing each one of these can be quite challenging and overwhelming.

However, I have listed down these top 3 mismatched basketball shoes to make your life easier when choosing the right one. Refer to my list below.

Best Budget: Nike PG 6

By a mile, Paul George’s signature lines are by far the best value for money, in my opinion. They don’t cost that much while capable of performing at an impressive pace. Of all the top mismatched basketball shoes on my list, the Nike PG 6 is a no-brainer pick regarding the best budget.

Best Value: Nike Mens Kybrid S2 

Kyrie Irving’s signature line is also the best value for money, which is why the Nike Kybrid S2 is another great performing shoe.

It’s an all-around performer; materials are consistent, performance is superb, and traction is impressive.

It is a great performer, outdoors or indoors, and its lateral containment and traction are the icing on the cake. It is specially catered to guards playing in a fast-paced style.

Best Overall: Nike Men’s LeBron XIX Low Blue Chill/Black-Lt Crimson

While this might not be the cheapest option available, it ticks all the boxes regarding functionality, performance, and durability.

If given a chance, I would recommend these to everyone if they have the money to spare.

Still, this is a great-performing shoe with amazing traction and superb comfort, and it’s infused with innovative technologies that make playing with these give you the best performance when playing basketball.


Mismatched basketball will surely be a thing for the years to come. 

They have become a constant reminder that humans are constantly innovating in terms of colorways and technologies infused within these shoes.

Nevertheless, these mismatched basketball shoes are great in their own right. Regardless which one you choose, you are surely bound to have a great performance when playing basketball. So, have you made your pick already?