5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet In 2024

In a hurry? If you quickly want to know my choice for the best basketball shoes for wide feet, then I would recommend Nike LeBron 16 Low as the best one.

I think the beauty of wide feet shoes lies in their ability to provide ample space without compromising on style or comfort. These miraculous footwear creations feature wider toe boxes that allow your toes to spread naturally, minimizing pain and discomfort caused by cramped spaces.

I’m always amazed at how much difference it can make when I slip into a pair that fits perfectly, hugging my feet just right without any pinching or squeezing.

In this article, I’ll review the following shoes for wide-foot players:

Stretchy Upper

Genetics play a major role on the width of our feet. We are not born with identical foot widths. This makes choosing basketball shoes tricky when browsing at all the shoes available online. Flat-footed basketball players tend to have wider feet because they don’t have a normal arch. This could increase the risk of pain during intense physical activities. I will consider this aspect when checking out the construction of the basketball shoes.

Wider feet can also be caused by foot deformities like bunions or calluses. You should consult a physician if you notice irregularities on your feet. Please do not ignore the warning signs as these can cause more pain in the future if you have underlying conditions.

Not all basketball shoes are manufactured with flexible and stretchable upper material. In this review, I will carefully look at the composition of the shoe upper and how it accommodates your wide feet. Stretchy and pliable materials like mesh, textile, leather or soft synthetic materials are some of the options that shoe manufacturers use. This is especially helpful in achieving a sock-like fit.

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Basketball shoes have immensely benefited from the advancement of technology. Shoe companies have engineers dedicated to developing materials for each component of the shoe. This is ultimately to increase comfort and enhance athletes’ performance with different foot types in mind. Materials like Nike’s Flywire were developed with the idea of a minimalist lightweight upper that can prevent feet from slipping. For athletes with wide feet, you should be looking at materials that will not constrict your movement from the thickness of your forefoot. I have looked at shoes that can support your instep. Both the midfoot and forefoot should have enough room for movement.

Wide Outsole

It is very important that you understand the width of your feet when buying basketball shoes. Toes should not feel cramped even if the shoe materials are soft. You should keep in mind that you will be wearing these shoes for an extended period of time. When you are running, jumping or making sudden stops, additional pressure is put on your feet. Sufficient room around the toe box area is needed for a more comfortable and worry-free fit. Wide toe box basketball shoes are really a plus. This is another major consideration of mine in identifying the wide basketball shoe choices for this review.

Although the materials of the upper are stretchable and soft, you will still need a wider base to accommodate your wide feet. Soft midsole materials like EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) can provide the added comfort needed by your wide feet as it molds nicely to your feet. We should also consider shock absorption at all angles given the width of your feet. Bigger players tend to have bigger and wider feet. Weight and its impact to the midsole and outsole are critical decision points when picking which shoes to buy.

I have thoroughly reviewed the combination of the different components relative to the foot width to come up with this short list. A soft, stretchable, and pliable upper which is breathable is definitely preferred. Midsole materials developed using materials created from advanced technology for supporting strong pounding and hard landing is also required. In terms of the outsole, wider outriggers is a plus if the base is bigger. Outsole pattern is another important aspect that should not be neglected. The tread pattern should be grippy at all angles as wider feet will have different landing behavior as compared to narrower feet.

Should You Size Up?

Getting the right shoe size will not just provide you comfort but also reduce the risk of twisting or rolling your ankle. When considering the size of your shoes, always stick to your original size for athletic shoes. You should consider the different factors that we’ve discussed above like the composition of the upper, softness of the midsole, and strength of the outsole.

Sizing up could potentially work against your favor if the length of the shoe gets longer. Certain models work well when you size up. I would recommend you take into consideration the socks that you are going to wear. Some players wear two pairs of socks for a better and more snug fit. This could work but make sure that you wear a softer pair inside to prevent friction in the toe and heel areas. You can end up with blisters if you don’t wear the right pair of athletics socks. Shoe width is a more important factor to keep in mind rather than conveniently sizing up.

If you decide to size up, you may want to consider wearing insoles for added comfort and for a more secure fit.

5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Now that we’ve covered the different factors to consider, let’s go and buy the best wide-foot basketball shoes.

1. Nike LeBron 16 Low

The Nike LeBron 16 signature shoes have a sock-like upper that is perfect for any foot width. The material is pliable, soft, and flexible. They are also breathable and comfortable. It comes with a heel counter for added support. This heel clip gives you enough locked in feel without being too restrictive. The collars are stretchy and allow ease of entry when wearing. Players with wide feet will find comfort in this pair during practice and during intense moments of a competitive game.

The midsole scores highly compared to other basketball shoes mainly due to the combination of two Nike technologies. It is boosted by the combination of Max Air and Zoom Air technologies to give superior cushioning for hard landings. Whether you are a big man or a quick guard, this pair will surely suit your needs. The entire foot is cushioned to give you the peace of mind to focus on your game. The custom lacing system allows you to adjust the tightness according to your comfort level. The outsole base is solid and is made of high quality rubber. Traction is enhanced by the articulated tread pattern that makes these extremely grippy on hardcourts or in the outdoors.


  • Stretchy collar for ease of entry
  • Pliable, soft, and breathable mesh upper
  • Max Air and Zoom Air technologies for superior cushioning
  • Articulated outsole tread pattern for traction
  • Excellent wide basketball shoes


  • Outsole base is not the widest but more than compensated by the upper and midsole

2. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe

The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 is made of perforated upper material for increased flexibility. This can accommodate wide feet. The material is also breathable and comfortable to a wide range of foot widths. The meshed tongue aids with airflow when you perspire during high intensity periods of the game. The webbed lacing system is adjustable to your fit. The half-bootie gives a glove-like feel even to wider feet. The sockliner is made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and is die cut for durability.

The HOVR technology increases the support when you jump, run or make a sudden stop and pop. Stability is very important for wide feet and the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane plastic) material in the midsole helps to increase your stability when in motion. A propulsion plate is integrated in the outsole for a bouncier toe-off especially for wider feet. The outsole has a modified herringbone tread pattern that increases traction and grip. The thick rubber outsole coupled with the midsole provides a high level of shock absorption. Overall, this is a very sturdy and solid pair of shoes that is made of high quality flexible and pliable materials that are suitable for wide feet.


  • Engineered perforated upper for wide feet
  • Half-bootie that fits like a glove
  • Modified herringbone pattern for traction


  • Lace eyelets may look flimsy

3. Nike LeBron Witness 3

The Nike LeBron Witness 3 basketball shoes are made of a knitted textile upper. The pattern makes it soft and comfortable for wide feet. You will notice that the knit pattern is wider. This makes the fit more comfortable and feels roomier from inside. The collar comes with additional support on the sensitive Achilles tendon area. The midsole has a foam that gives maximum comfort and cushioning.

The air sole units of this pair are full length. It gives extra support for wide feet during moments of intense pounding. You will feel the comfort from heel to toe when running and jumping. The rubber outsole is thick. Durability is not a problem and you can use this indoors or outdoors. The outsole base is wide enough to support different foot widths. It is complemented by the flexible upper and soft midsoles. Traction is enhanced by the modified herringbone pattern on the outsole. A heel tab facilitates easy entry for wide feet.

Being a signature LeBron shoe, you will notice the Ohio state details on the heel tab and on the outsole pattern. Subtle hints of the LeBron lion logo are debossed on the tongue area. Overall, this pair is suitable for wide feet.


  • Wide knitted textile upper for roomier fit
  • Comfortable midsole foam that supports wide feet
  • Heel tab to facilitate easy wide foot entry


  • Textile upper can be hard to clean

4. Adidas D Rose 773 Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Derrick Rose 773 signature basketball shoes are made of a combination of textile and synthetic upper. The materials are very soft and flexible allowing room for wide feet to easily slide in. The upper material is breathable and allows good airflow.

The midsole cushioning is lightweight and molds to the contours of your feet. Regardless of the width of your feet, the soft cushioning will give you a better fit when you break these in. The flexibility of the midsole is an advantage. It allows you to make quick moves to the basket without feeling constricted by the shoes. The midsole gives a bouncy feel and reduces the impact of hard landings. The heel area is cushioned and has a good amount of space for wider feet. The rubber base of the sole is wide and thick. The outsole tread pattern is of the traditional herringbone style. It has good traction and is very grippy on wooden courts.

This pair has a modern design but has retained a classic Adidas look to it. The collar has a Rose 773 graphic on it which is inspired by the youngest NBA MVP. A back pull is integrated to support wide feet’s ease of wear.


  • Wide base outsole
  • Midsole cushioning contours to your feet
  • Back pull for ease of wear


  • Takes a bit of time to break in

5. Nike Air Jordan 34

The Nike Air Jordan XXXIV basketball shoes are made of textile that is combined with a translucent material to create a strong yet lightweight upper. It is very soft, comfortable, and unrestrictive. Wide feet can fit comfortably in this pair. The tongue is made of breathable material and helps with moisture and heat release making this extremely comfortable. It will keep you cool even under pressure of a tightly-contested game. The padded cushions support your feet without constricting them.

The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) eclipse plate is molded and forms a unique design.This will allow you to see through the midsoles. The patented Nike Zoom Air unit is used for cushioning on the footbed. It will fully support hard landings on wide feet. You will feel the extra support from the heel to the forefoot area. The toe box is also quite roomy.

The outsole pattern has a multi-directional tread pattern that supports your movement from all angles. Rubber is solid and is of good quality that can withstand hard beatings. As with any Jordan shoes, it is designed to have a premium look and feel. The Jordan Jumpman flight logo is on the tongue. There are additional suede trimmings to add a more sophisticated feel.


  • Arguably the best Jordans for wide feet
  • Textile and translucent material upper that can accommodate wide feet
  • Molded TPU plate to support hard landings
  • Comfortable Zoom Air units for wide feet
  • Multi-directional traction for stability


  • Pricier from the Jordan branding but overall a good pair of basketball shoes

The Awesome Choice

There are many options for good quality basketball shoes for wide feet. You won’t regret buying any of the five that I have recommended in this article. However, the one that really stands out for me is the Nike LeBron 16 Low.

The stretchy collar is really comfortable and is easy to wear for wide feet. The upper is soft and flexible which allows your feet to have a roomier feel. The combination of Max Air and Zoom Air technologies provides superior cushioning at all angles. The articulated outsole tread pattern enhances the much needed traction for wide feet ballers. Overall, this is a superior pair of basketball shoes that provide comfort, support, and style. This certainly tops my list of best basketball shoes for wide feet.

When playing basketball, the comfort level of your shoes plays a major role in how you perform on the court. If your basketball shoes are too tight, you will lose focus on the game and your confidence level will drop. Basketball shoes that fit loosely will potentially cause adverse physical effects like increased risk of injury. It is paramount that wide basketball shoes be worn if you have wider than normal foot width.