4 Best Basketball Shirts In 2024

If you quickly want to know my recommendation for the best basketball shirt, then go for the Nike Team Victory Short Sleeve Basketball Shooting Shirt.

Basketball shirts come in various shapes, sizes, and features.

As a result, I always struggle to find the right one. I know that it can be pretty confusing, but don’t worry. You have come to the right spot if you’re looking for the best basketball shooting shirt.

In this article, I’ll review the following shirts for basketball that I absolutely love.

4 Best Basketball Shirts

The shirts I have selected should give you some of the best options available today:

1. Nike Team Victory Short Sleeve Shooting Shirt – Best Overall


  • Material: Polyester
  • Type: Long Sleeve
  • Machine Washable: Yes

This long sleeve shirt is an ideal option for an athlete who wants to feel comfortable on or off the court.

It comes with mesh panels and lightweight nylon fabric; this top offers breathable airflow to keep you cool during intense plays.

I like its Dri-FIT features, as it absorbs my sweat quickly. I also like its ergonomic seams, which give me a natural fit and confidence when moving.

The signature logo also looks stylish and classic, and its team graphic embroidered is one way of showing how proud the athlete is of his team.

So, this top is a great choice whether you’re a full-time athlete or just play whenever possible.


  • Fit is comfortable and secure
  • Material provides ventilation
  • It comes with a zipper closure for added comfort


  • Fabric could wear out easily if used regularly
  • Fit could be too wide

2. Point 3 Fadeaway Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt – Best Value


  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Type: Long Sleeve
  • Machine Washable: Yes

I consider this top as my go-to FADE AWAY SHIRT because of its simple yet very effective design.

It’s also perfect to wear during colder days to keep me warm while getting my shots up. Its moisture-wicking fabric helps me remain dry during warmups.

This shirt eliminates distractions, so I can always give my all when moving without compromising.

Furthermore, this top is made for people of all ages, helping them improve and gain an edge in every competition.


  • Perfect and ultra comfort fit
  • Delivers airflow to keep you fresh and cool
  • Machine washable


  • Limited colors available
  • Quite expensive

3. Nike Men’s Dry Tee – Best Budget Pick


  • Material: 60% Cotton; 40% Polyester
  • Type: Short Sleeve
  • Machine Washable: Yes

This men’s dry tee is right if you want a sweat-wicking shirt during your warmup routine.

I like its soft feel and sweat-wicking features to get me through, not only when playing on the court but also when I work out.

It also has a standard fit for a relaxed and easy feel when I’m working up a sweat. I also like the dry fabric material features, as it moves with me while playing.

Best of all, I like the ribbed crew neck, which gives me such a comfortable fit. The cut has a great design, too, allowing the fabric to feel smooth and not chafe as I wear it.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Standard or regular fit
  • Material is soft and absorbent


  • Quite see-through
  • Sizing is a little off

4. Adidas Men’s Tiro 21 Training Jersey


  • Material: Polyester
  • Type: Short Sleeve
  • Machine Washable: Yes

The Adidas Men’s Tiro 21 is among the most popular shirts for active men like me. It looks and feels great, and it performs brilliantly.

It comes with a moisture-absorbing AEROREADY that helps me stay dry. It also has breathable mesh inserts and lightweight polyester fabric with a comfortable, slim-fit design.

I like that this shirt is made with Primegreen, with lots of recycled materials. Truly worth it to wear!


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • The collar provides additional coverage


  • Not for colder temperatures
  • Slim fit design is quite restrictive

Why Should You Invest In A Good Basketball Shirt?

Players like to wear shirts when playing as it helps boost their confidence and express their passion and love for the game.

Not everyone likes to wear tank tops or sleeveless jerseys.

Whatever you choose, the shirts come in different designs and styles, ranging from stylish designs to bold, fashionable, and statement-making shirts.

There is something for all athletes to make an impressive statement on the court.

Furthermore, I observed that wearing my basketball shirt gives me and my co-athletes a sense of unity and commitment to the sport.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Basketball Shirt?

Before heading to your local stores, here are some important things to consider before buying the right shirt:


I always consider this factor the most important because I love wearing something breathable and comfortable, especially when I play.

Go for shirts designed and made from lightweight materials such as Polyester or mesh to help your sweat evaporate faster.


Another factor I consider is the fit. I like wearing shirts that snugly fit my body.

However, they shouldn’t be too tight! I always prioritize comfort. This is to ensure your shirt is snug but not too tight so it won’t constrict you while you play.

Most shirts have a slightly tapered style to help give a comfortable fit, giving me a wide range of motion and allowing me to give my best performance on the court.


Other than functionality, every basketball shirt comes in a variety of styles.

Whether it’s a V-neck, tank top, the usual crew neck type, or even the long-sleeve, countless designs are available to fit your preference.


Lastly, I also consider the price and see if it’s reasonable for the kind of shirt I choose to buy.

The range in price could be from very affordable to very expensive models.

As for me, I did some research to come up with a budget and shop accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am pretty sure you’ve got many questions in mind before buying a sports shirt. Here are some questions you may want to know:

What Shirt Do NBA Players Wear Under Their Jerseys?

NBA Players usually wear compression shirts under their jerseys.

They wear compression shirts to prevent injuries and absorb sweat, even improving the player’s court performance.

However, they can’t wear long sleeves or loose-fitting shirts because it could violate the dress code of the NBA.

Are NBA Jerseys Expensive?

I always find and consider NBA jerseys quite pricey, costing $200 to $300. The cost varies on the jersey’s authenticity, quality, and availability.

The National Basketball Association produces NBA jerseys that are authentic. Once you check it, you will see that the jerseys are made from high-quality fabrics and lightweight and durable materials.

I’ve also noticed that authentic NBA jerseys have intricate details on their front and back.

Going back to the price, you can get jerseys for less if the player has just left his team via free agency or trade.

What Brands Should You Consider for Basketball Clothing?

I’ve always believed that while sports products are known for their functionality and efficiency, the brands have also made their name through value and quality.

For me, Nike has the best sports clothing, as it now has an innovative Dri-Fit technology that always comforts athletes and keeps them dry.

Adidas also gives quality sports clothing designed to give the best level of comfort on the court, along with its famous Three-Stripe logo.

You can also get Jordan sports clothing, but beware; it’s more on the high-end. However, they have great designs and durable shirts!


Overall, you can benefit from buying the right product for its purpose.

This list should give you a good time, whether you’re shooting your shots during training or working out.

These shirts are great additions to your daily workout and training routines!