Top 25 Basketball Jerseys [2024]

The NBA has always been never afraid to show its true colors.

If you’re having problems choosing which jerseys to rock on, I’ve got you covered!

Of course, there are hundreds or even thousands of jerseys the NBA has produced.

Fortunately, I have trimmed the list down to the 25 best basketball jerseys to give you an easier time to pick and choose.

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25 Best Basketball Jerseys

Here’s my list of the 25 best NBA basketball jerseys of all-time.

Trust me, hoop fans! You’re gonna love my picks.

Note: These are by no means in any particular order.

1. Minnesota Timberwolves ​”Tree Trim” (1996-2008)

Kevin Garnett’s rim-rocking antics and this fantastic jersey design further elevated the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise.

When you see this black jersey with dark-green tree trims, you can instantly feel nostalgic as this was the only time the Timberwolves franchise was relevant to the NBA.

The tree trims took the team’s jersey’s popularity to another level because they paid homage to the iconic Minnesota state tree.

Nothing beats this classic early 2000s jersey that still reminds us how dominant the early 2000s Timberwolves were.

When you talk about these jerseys, the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, comes to mind! Watch a flashback of his MVP season where this jersey featured prominently.

2. Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1966)

When we talk about the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, purple and gold will always come to mind with their jerseys.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1966) jersey was built differently!

Since moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, the franchise rocked these royal blue-themed jerseys with a cursive logo that pales compared to what this franchise has today.

It was made even more popular as NBA greats such as Elgin Baylor and Jerry West donned the jerseys en route to six final appearances!

Sadly, they weren’t able to translate those magical uniforms into championships.

During this era, the Boston Celtics, led by NBA Hall of Famers Red Auerbach and Bill Russell, kept beating the Lakers every year in the Finals.

3. Detroit Pistons (1981-1996)

Sometimes, simplicity makes the best NBA jerseys stand out from the rest.

These classic Pistons jerseys were donned by the famous “Bad Boys”. It was during the Bad Boys Era where the team got a back-to-back championship from ’89 to ’90.

The Detroit Pistons that time were led by their mercurial point guard Isiah Thomas.

Many NBA jerseys sport blue-white-red themed jerseys, but the Detroit Pistons commanded it better than most NBA teams during this time.

The red lettering with combined white outlines brings an extra dazzle to the entire jersey, and the blue-color scheme jersey makes it all the more bold and fierce.

During this time, they reigned supreme over the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, but we all know what happened after MJ got his time and bearings straight, right? The rest was history.

4. Detroit Pistons (1996-2001)

Most notable for being the centerpiece of Grant Hill’s aerial acrobatics back in the day, these Detroit Pistons jerseys are a class of their own.

This jersey design was actively used during the height of Grant Hill’s popularity. The  combination of his high-flying antics and dominance in triple-doubles captured the hearts of many en route to one of the most outstanding seasons he ever had.

These Detroit NBA jerseys were the first ones to put the actual reference of the team name as a logo.

Previous iterations of the color schemes differed from this one, as they incorporated a mix of teal and red-color outlines that spark something out of the ordinary.

5. Phoenix Suns (1992-2000)

Charles Barkley was the franchise centerpiece the Phoenix Suns were looking for, and it didn’t take long before his talents took the franchise to a whole new level.

He became known as the “round mound of rebound” due to his penchant for capturing rebounds. His forays into the basket was made even more audacious to their fantastic home and away jerseys!

The franchise took a color scheme that was bold enough to represent Arizona’s unique atmosphere, and they did it justice!

This jersey might go down as one of the best NBA jerseys on anyone’s list! One for the ages!

6. Charlotte Hornets (1989-1996)

The Charlotte Hornets might not be a popular franchise during this era as Michael Jordan was ravaging the ranks of the Eastern Conference.

However, there’s no denying the fact that these were their best NBA jerseys!

Charlotte’s teal jerseys, combined with the stellar play of Larry Johnson, Dell Curry’s sweet-shooting, and Mugsy Bogues’ high-flying antics, further etched it on the upper echelons of the best NBA jerseys of all time!

The arrival of Alonzo Mourning, whose on-court antics terrified opposing players made these uniforms more terrifying to look at.

Indeed, this small franchise took it to a whole new level with its great on-court style and solid play during the 90s!

7. San Antonio Spurs (1989-Present)

Who says the black lettering and white color schemes can go out of style? Not with the San Antonio Spurs!

The franchise has long been one of the most dominant organizations in the league for almost 20 years, with 5 NBA titles to their name!

From the likes of David Robinson, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker, few teams were able to match the Coach Pop-driven unique style of play that the league’s history has ever witnessed.

The black uniform will always be an instant classic, and they still use this same color combination today.

These basketball jerseys were no-frills, an identity this franchise has long been known for!

8. New York Knicks, Classic (1983-1997)

The New York Knicks franchise might be the most well-known team in the NBA, but success has evaded this NBA team for years now!

However, during this time, Patrick Ewing took the league by storm and terrified opposing players on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

This fantastic color combination that has long been associated with the team brought some razzle and dazzle to the entire franchise during this time.

Jersey iterations have been minimal over the years, and this jersey brings that classic vibe most people of New York have been missing ever since Patrick Ewing retired.

9. Seattle Supersonics (1978-1995)

To this day, nothing wreaked havoc from both sides of the floor than Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton ever did!

With jaw-dropping dunks from Kemp and Gary Payton’s brash attitude and trash-talking backing their gameplay, this was when this pairing took the franchise to the NBA finals and faced Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

The color combination of green, yellow, and white might be too bold for everyone, but the tandem of “The Glove” and “The Rain Man” made it possible for this NBA jersey to be remembered for all time.

One of the best things about this color scheme is that no one even dared to try these, but when the franchise elected to go for these, everything just went north!

10. Toronto Raptors (1995-99)

If we’re talking about the best NBA jerseys of the ’90s, we’re probably sure that these iconic Toronto Raptors jerseys with an actual raptor logo and pinstripe will quickly come to mind.

It doesn’t get any better than Vince Carter rocking this NBA jersey and putting a stamp to be the best dunker the NBA has ever seen.

While we may never see Vince Carter don the coolest NBA jerseys of all time, Canada has been reviving this time and time again, along with their excellent city edition uniforms.

Outlandish and bold might be the definition of these NBA jerseys, but if you look back at history, they were some of the best NBA jerseys during that time.

11. Orlando Magic (1989-98)

Who can remember these classic jerseys? They were the ones that Orlando’s Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway wore when they were wreaking havoc on the entire NBA.

These Orlando Magic jerseys aren’t used anymore since the Shaq-Penny era ended, but it still baffles us, why?

These were some of the coolest NBA jerseys in NBA history, and the young Tracy Mcgrady was already a budding superstar!

The white stripes, baby blue outlines, and the star in the middle form a classic design that will remain current even today.

Like, who even thought about this concept?

Tracy Mcgrady also rocked these Orlando Magic jerseys that catapulted him to have some of the best statistical seasons he has ever had during his short career.

12. Atlanta Hawks (1982-1992)

Back when Dominique Wilkins’ rim-ratting shenanigans were a craze, it didn’t get any better than donning this jersey for the Atlanta Hawks that skyrocketed his career.

The white swoop backing further elevated the “HAWKS” logo while capturing the hearts of many during this time.

A feature that will immediately let people know who you are rooting for.

Wilkins and the Atlanta Hawks became synonymous during this time, and it definitely showed why this yellow trim and bold red colors came to be.

There’s no better representation that these Atlanta Hawks jerseys ever had when it was worn by Dominique Wilkins, the Human Highlight Film.

13. New York Nets (1972-81)

The New York Nets may have made several location transfers over the last 40 years, but nothing beats these jerseys that rocked the world during the ’70s and ’80s.

What makes it more compelling is the fact that Dr. J himself wore these and went crazy dunking all over people he came across.

The jersey was almost like a representation of the United State Flag, albeit with some unique iterations. The red-white-blue color scheme still amazes everyone up to this day.

Iconic as it is, the design was even more elevated to the higher ranks of the best jerseys in NBA history with Julius Erving’s dazzling forays to the basket.

14. Miami Heat “Earned” Edition (2017-Present)

The Miami Heat franchise has long been among the most sought-after franchises in the NBA.

The likes of Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal have become makers of the best NBA jerseys for quite some time now, and the craze from South Beach doesn’t get even better.

Their Miami Heat City Edition jerseys might not have that “wow” factor, but they were bold enough to be amongst the coolest jerseys made during the 21st century.

The black lettering from the back and white drop shadow offers a unique take that doesn’t get boring.

Indeed, the flair and dramatics make this one of the best NBA city edition jerseys recently made.

15. Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)

There was only quite a handful who dared to topple Denver Nuggets’ Mount Mutombo’s shot-blocking ability.

And this Denver Nuggets jersey is almost and will consistently be ranked as one of the best NBA jerseys of all time. Why is that?

I believe that two factors can judge a jersey. The logo the franchise represents and the aesthetics that go with it. This NBA jersey definitely meets all the criteria.

The eye-popping rainbow stripes at the center and Denver, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains cap it off on a fantastic note.

There’s no better representation of the state itself than the humblest yet terrifying player the Denver Nuggets franchise has ever had, Dikembe Mutombo!

16. Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate Jerseys (2003-2010)

The Cleveland Cavaliers franchise has long been associated with LeBron James. Their alternate jerseys were one of the few in which the color schemes matched LeBron’s intensity on the court.

What makes this NBA jersey even more impressive is the dazzling yet unique color combinations combining gold, red, and navy blue a rarity amongst NBA teams.

Ever since LeBron wore this, it was one of the most popular alternate jerseys at that time.

Also, it doesn’t get any better than having these alternate jerseys capping off with LeBron’s two of his four MVP awards.

17. Los Angeles Lakers (1978-1999)

Only a handful of jerseys have maintained their legendary status over the years, and the 1978-1999 Los Angeles Lakers jerseys are the prime example of that.

The purple lettering and gold outline will forever be iconic, and the countless NBA Hall of Famers that donned this jersey is pretty remarkable.

From the likes of the Showtime Lakers, consisting of NBA greats such as Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, these jerseys were legendary, capping off 5 NBA titles to their name.

Over the next few years, there were only a few iterations of this actual color scheme, and the purple and gold continue to live on up to this day.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves “Gray City Edition” (2020-2021)

A jersey to commemorate one of Minnesota’s gray-colored wolf coats, these city edition jerseys are one to watch out for!

What’s even more remarkable is the story behind these fantastic color combinations.

The dominant color celebrates the tonal gray coats of Minnesota’s wolves, while the white jersey mimics the town’s snow-covered mountains.

These jerseys simply give you that sleek vibe to it without the colors being too bold or overpowering. It has that laid-back touch that adds a unique style to it.

City editions aren’t known to be as great as the home and away ones, but these jerseys definitely have fire and flair in them, much like the Purple Rain ones.

19. Toronto Raptors (2018-2019)

The Toronto Raptors “Earned” white jersey was quite the spectacle, especially seeing it from a distance when coming to watch their games.

These are unique in their own way because they collaborated with Canada’s most famous rapper, Drake.

Drake’s vibrant red and white foray sparked frenzy into the basketball world while his hometown team took it a step further to the upper echelons.

This red jersey with black and white color patterns was even more famous as they ended the season on a historic run, beating the Golden State Warriors en route to its first NBA title.

19. Brooklyn Nets (2012-Present)

The Brooklyn Nets took the most significant step by moving away from New Jersey and into the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

The black-and-white never goes out of style, and simplicity often makes a jersey so slick and unique in its own way.

The jersey was even more famous when Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry took their talents to Brooklyn, and James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving followed suit in the coming years.

Still, these are solid NBA jerseys to date. The clean design is a classic as it can be. It does not get any better than the fact that these are being worn by your current idols until today.

20. Philadelphia 76ers (1997-2009)

There are not a lot of jerseys in the NBA that have become the franchise’s most distinct feature. However, the Philadelphia 76ers’ black road jerseys were the epitome of it.

Worn by one of the NBA’s most misunderstood superstars, Allen Iverson kicked it up a notch by carrying his team to the NBA finals and faced the Western Conference powerhouse, Los Angeles Lakers, to its limits.

The Philadelphia 76ers black jersey complements the logo well; however, the red and gold trims make it one of a kind.

Who would have thought that these color combinations look amazing, right?

21. Golden State Warriors (2002-2010)

Is there something more iconic than the “We Believe” jerseys?

Sure, they couldn’t win the 2007 NBA Championship, but it was the beginning of good things in San Francisco.

The Oakland people’s rallying and the team of “misfits” were in cohesion that helped topple the #1 seed Dallas Mavericks led by Dirk Nowitzki to an upset for the ages.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t advance any further.

However, these Warriors captured the hearts of many, and most of its people thought that this was the “coming of age” for the franchise.

22. Portland Trail Blazers “Away” (2018-Present)

The Portland Trail Blazers have been rocking some of the best jerseys for how many decades now, and they are accustomed to being the franchise that is renowned for their great jerseys.

Blazers’ jerseys are unique, bold, and distinct. If you ever come across black-white-red color schemes, the team of Portland easily comes to mind. There’s just nothing wrong with their designs from the ground up.

Their black jerseys don’t need anything to stand out as it pops right from the start, and most of the time, they get their fair share of love and appreciation from their fans.

23. Utah Jazz (1996-2004)

Like with the “We Believe” jerseys the Golden State Warriors have, there’s also an iconic jersey that left a proud history to a franchise.

The home and away jerseys of the Utah Jazz don’t get any better than that.

During this era, the famous duo of Karl Malone and John Stockton led the way for the Jazz to have consecutive trips to the NBA finals.

However, the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls were quick to dismantle any hope as they proceeded to win their second consecutive 3-peat.

Still, there’s nothing more distinct than these jerseys with the white mountain outline and the “Jazz” name, further giving it a distinct persona.

24. Chicago Bulls (1986-1998)

Since the arrival of a player named Michael Jordan, there have been quite a few iterations of the franchise’s jersey.

The Chicago Bulls jersey was only a fraction of what it was like to be worn by the greatest basketball player of all time.

If your jersey is worn by the G.O.A.T. himself, there’s nothing more you need to prove its popularity.

Since Michael Jordan left, the franchise wasn’t willing to make any changes to the jersey because it was the team’s identity for much of its time in the NBA.

This jersey may go down as one of the most popular jerseys ever made, not because of the design but because of who wore it.

25. Boston Celtics (1972-2014)

The Boston Celtics organization has been mired with ups and downs recently. However, the time of Larry Bird was its most historic stretch to date.

Boston’s classic green and white color schemes almost feel patented, to the point that there are quite a few minimal changes for nearly 30 years!

One of the reasons why they weren’t willing to do any iterations is that the organization’s sole identity was hard to change.

Having the best NBA fans in the world might pose some problems if they were about to make significant changes to the classic green theme jerseys.

These green and white jerseys are still distinct and iconic to this day. The Boston Celtics have long been one of the most celebrated teams in the history of the NBA.

Even the big three era of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo were able to wear this tone capped off by a 2008 NBA Title.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions regarding the best NBA basketball jerseys on the planet. Here are some answers to it.

What Is the Most Popular Basketball Jersey?

Only three jerseys come to mind if we are going to talk about the most popular basketball jersey of all time.

  • Boston Celtics jerseys during the time of Larry Bird
  • Chicago Bulls jerseys during the time of Michael Jordan
  • Los Angeles Lakers jerseys during the time of Magic Johnson

These are three of the most popular jerseys of all time.

What Is the Most Popular NBA Jersey in 2022?

According to, the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James both secured the top spots on NBA’s most popular jersey and merchandise list in 2022. 

How Much Do NBA Jerseys Cost?

Authentic NBA jerseys typically cost around $200 to $400. These are the top quality jerseys that you can buy.

A good value option are the swingman jerseys. These go for about half the price of the authentic jerseys. Swingman jerseys are officially licensed products and are authentic. The difference is in the materials used.


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