5 Best Basketball Headbands In 2024

If you quickly want to know what my choice is for the best basketball headband, then I recommend the Nike Reversible Home and Away Headband as the best one.

I love playing basketball because of the intense workout that I get every time I play. While playing basketball is great, it does become annoying whenever sweat pours down my eyes.

I get around this dilemma by using a headband while playing. Wearing some of the best and most reliable basketball headbands helped my game go a long way.

If you’re looking for a good basketball headband, then you have come to the right spot.

I’ve listed below the best basketball headbands with different features, details, and materials to suit your needs. Check them out.

5 Best Basketball Headbands

Here are the five best headbands that I’d recommend for playing basketball.

1. Best Overall – Nike Reversible Home and Away Headband

One of the famous brands out there for sports wear is the Nike Brand. This particular product stands out because of its great features and design.

I like simplicity. This headband has a sleek and premium design that Nike has long been known for. The Dri-FIT material absorbs sweat impressively. This headband does not slip off easily even if it absorbs sweat at an incredible pace.

What I personally love about this product is the comfort. It is super comfortable to wear on the head even after I have spent long hours playing basketball on the court.

Ball players will genuinely love this new addition to their basketball gear, and it offers a unique blend of high-quality materials and impressive sweat absorption.

The Nike Swoosh logo at the front is icing on the cake. Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a basketball headband from the most reliable and popular brand. The fact that it is reversible gives you the flexibility of wearing it two ways.


  • Minimalist and flexible design
  • Absorbs sweat effectively
  • Moisture Absorbing
  • It comes in various colors
  • It is made of Dri-FIT material


  • Not elastic enough
  • It might be too small for big people
  • Quite expensive 

2. Best Value – Adidas Alphaskin Headband

If you’re looking for a one-size fits all tie band, then the Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband ranks second on my list of the best basketball headbands on the market today.

The multi-layered design allows effective sweat absorption. Tie headbands have no issues with head sizes, so I recommend this as a solution if you’re having problems finding the right headband size.

In addition, it has a moisture-wicking feature and superior airflow, allowing basketball players to play at their highest level without having problems with sweat dripping in all parts of their faces.

This basketball headband is made of polyester and spandex materials known to be superior in comfort, leaving you totally focused on playing your A game when it matters the most.

This headband does the job well and fits all head sizes. Players with long hair can use the extra material left after tying the headband to keep their hair in place. 

Do note that this “ninja” style headband is not allowed in professional games so I suggest using this more for practices.


  • Snug fit, Non-slip
  • Hand washable
  • Great for absorbing sweat
  • Made from soft and breathable material
  • Wicks sweat


  • May untie during basketball games if not secured well
  • Not allowed in professional basketball games
  • Not machine washable

3. Nike Dri-Fit Head Tie Headband

If you are more of a Nike fan and would like a tie headband, then the Nike Dri-fit Head Tie Headband is what you need. It is another fantastic choice if you want a headband that is made with a soft material and top notch moisture-wicking feature.

I find this headband also effective at absorbing sweat. It has a good length of 39 inches which means it will work for all head sizes while leaving enough material to tie it securely. It should pose no concerns for slippage during training sessions. When it’s time to wash, you can simply throw them in the washing machine.

The only problem with ninja style or tie headbands is that they aren’t allowed to be worn during professional games. But if you’re using it for pickup games, it is more than enough, especially for long-haired basketball players.


  • It is made with durable materials
  • Comfortable on the forehead
  • Sleek and updated style, has the Nike swoosh
  • Good for people with long hair
  • Great at keeping sweat and hair out of your eyes


  • Quite expensive, similar to other head ties
  • Hard time tying during games
  • Not allowed in official games
  • Swoosh logo has a tendency to come off after a few uses

4. Best Budget Pick – Tanluhu Sweatband

If you’re looking for a great headband for absorbing sweat, the Tanluhu Basketball Sweatband is the right headband for the job.

I like this headband for its excellent elasticity and absorption ability while being very affordable. You can buy this headband for the price of three. While it can be argued that a premium headband will last longer than these, this will be an excellent option for beginners and kids.

It is primarily made of 85% cotton and spandex, and nylon fibers. The 85% cotton construction allows for better absorption and comfort, while the nylon and spandex offer fantastic stretchability. If you feel like you’re sweating a lot, this headband might be the answer to your problems.

In addition, this headband comes in various colors. You can wear different colors depending on your favorite team’s colors. For the price, nothing can beat this headband in this department.


  • Made of 85% cotton for maximum comfort
  • Keep your ears warm
  • Perfect for any game
  • Very affordable
  • It doesn’t slip easily
  • Lots of color options


  • Wear and tear issues
  • Many might not like its very basic design

5. Under Armor Men’s Performance Headband

Under Armor is another amazing brand known for making sports accessories, and the Under Armor Men’s performance headband is one of their new additions.

This headband uses elastane and polyester materials that are proven comfortable and elastic and help stay on your head for long periods.

The unique blend of the best material construction allows this headband to be machine-washable and machine dried. 

Whenever I am done sweating it all out, I just toss it up into my washing machine without any fear of losing the elasticity or shape of the headband.

On top of everything, the non-slip design makes this headband all the more comfortable. It has different colors sporting your favorite team’s colors, which are also great features.


  • Machine wash and machine dry applicable
  • One size fits all
  • Made of durable materials
  • It has quick-dry technology
  • Comfortable when worn for long periods


  • It might be too tight for other people to wear
  • It can feel too narrow

A Guide to Buying the Best Basketball Headband for You

Knowing a few more things before heading out to your local sports accessories store is important when looking for the right headband.

I have compiled the key features to consider when buying a basketball headband for playing games in this short buying guide.

1) Material

Almost all basketball headbands are made of soft and breathable materials such as nylon, cotton, polyester, spandex, and even Lycra.

Cotton, nylon, and polyester are considered the superior choice for comfort and breathable fabrics, whereas spandex and Lycra are superior in terms of durability and strength.

But, whichever you choose, your main priority should be comfort as you don’t want to constantly adjust it whenever you take off for layups or dunks.

It is also important to consider how the material will wear with frequent machine washing.

Some materials, such as cotton, aren’t too great when washed in a laundry machine, whereas nylon and spandex materials are known for their machine washable features.

2) Sizes & Fit

When it comes to sizes and fit, always look for these crucial measurements: circumference, thickness, and width.

Most headbands have a width of around two inches which is great if you’re using a headband primarily to absorb sweat and keep it away from your eyes.

The wider your headband is, the more sweat it can absorb and will sit tightly onto your forehead for longer durations.

Be aware though that while a wider and thicker headband may be better for absorbing sweat, it may be too bulky so you should take this into consideration.

Lastly, look for sizes that correspond to your head’s size. Don’t go well beyond your size or you will have problems constantly adjusting it come game time.

Most models will stretch, so choosing something wider than your original size wouldn’t be wise. Keep it to your size, and you will have no problems with fit and slippage.

3) Durability

The best basketball headbands should last you several games. The headband’s durability is based on the materials used for making the headband.

Earlier, I mentioned examples of materials such as spandex and Lycra which are more durable than their counterparts, namely cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Still, you should find the perfect balance of durability and comfort. Some headbands provide non-slip features with great durability, allowing you to play longer.

On the other hand, some people don’t highly recommend rubber band construction headbands.

Choose something that combines breathable and durable fabrics to ensure comfort and longevity.

4) Sweat Absorption

One of the reasons why you are getting a headband is to absorb sweat along with moisture-wicking abilities.

A basketball headband that can absorb moisture is perfect for humid and hot climates. It will also help absorb sweat efficiently, preventing contact with your eyes.

Apart from absorbing moisture, a headband’s ability to wick moisture is also important. It should dry quickly so the sticky sweat won’t cling to your skin..

This is why some of the best basketball headbands on the market today involve a multi-layered system allowing for moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbing materials to be combined in a single headband.

5) Stretchability

I find that headbands that have a very good stretch provides for maximum comfort. Often, a headband’s stretchability feature is the defining point on why I would choose to buy it.

Having a stretchable headband will stay on the forehead far longer than others. The right stretch and size will also help hold hair back effectively. 

You do want to balance the stretchiness with the stiffness of the material as it could get too tight and painful.

What I suggest is a little bit of compromise here. Choose something that isn’t too stretchy and stiff. Find a little in between, as this is the sweet spot for a non-slip headband.

6) Styles

While some don’t go for style, others do. Two of the most popular styles of headbands are the head ties and the headbands.

Headbands are the traditional choice, as most players have grown accustomed to this type of headband. On the other hand, head ties are great if you have long hair and wish to tie it.

You need to be aware though that tie or ninja style headbands are not allowed in the NBA for safety reasons.

If you are reading this, and it so happens that you are also an NBA player, I suggest going for the traditional route.

Tie headbands are only great for pickup and outdoor games that are not officially under any league rules.

Should You Wear a Headband When Playing Basketball?

Of course! Wearing a headband when playing will go a long way in keeping your sweat from irritating your eyes while you play.

Imagine going for the go-ahead layup, and your sweat falls directly into your eyes.

Instead of making that free layup, you missed because your eyes closed and lost your moment going upwards.

There are a lot of benefits when using a headband, and I highly suggest using one too. Most NBA players are already wearing them, and for the same reason.

Lebron James, one of the greatest players to play the game, is still wearing a basketball headband for almost all of his 20 seasons in the NBA.

Why shouldn’t you if the greatest player in the NBA wears it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have further questions regarding basketball headbands, you might find them below.

Do Headbands Help in Basketball?

Of course! I mentioned that these accessories are great for sweat absorption. After years of playing basketball myself, I always find it useful to not have to worry about sweat going into my eyes during crucial parts of the game.

For periods when I had slightly longer hair, the headband also helped to keep the hair tucked back and away from my line of sight. 

For players with even longer hair, the extra length of material from head ties can help secure hair into a ponytail and prevent it from constantly flailing back and forth due to rapid motions.

The best basketball headbands, however, should have the right features to be helpful for a player.

Do NBA Players Still Wear Headbands?

Yes! Most NBA players are still wearing headbands for different purposes. Some wear it to keep sweat from their eyes, while others do it for branding or styling purposes.

Basketball headbands have certainly not gone out of style in the eyes of NBA players. Popular players and superstars such as Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Pascal Siakam are still keeping in with the trend.

Why Do Some NBA Players Stop Wearing Headbands?

Some NBA players have already stopped wearing headbands because they are often considered more distractions than convenience.

Many players aren’t accustomed to having a headband on their forehead, while others do.

In addition, the NBA has seized the usage of ninja headbands. Officials were concerned about the safety and consistency of these basketball headbands, their length, size, and how they were tied.

While people may have different opinions, it is always best to play within the rules.

Summary of Top Picks

Here’s the summary of my top picks for the best basketball headbands.

Best Budget Pick – Tanluhu Sweatband

I liked the Tanluhu Sweatband because it fits naturally on the forehead. I didn’t experience any slippage during my runs and trials.

It also fits snugly, and its absorption skills for the price are unparalleled.

While it may not be from a prominent sports wear brand, the low price point and decent performance is enough to make this option worth considering.

Best Value – Adidas Alphaskin Headband

The Adidas Alphaskin Headband is great if you have hair that is long or afro, as you can easily wrap the headband around your hair for an easy fit.

There’s also no need to properly size the headband as it has tie features. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the tightness according to your preference.

Best Overall – Nike Reversible Home and Away Headband

The Nike brand has long been associated with excellent materials and durability.

This headband is great for outdoor sports and would easily wick moisture and sweat. The reversible design also gives you two options so you can switch it up as you desire.

Overall, this headband rounds up my list as the best overall pick for this segment.


A headband is a great accessory to wear, prevent sweat from ruining your game and keep your hair under control.

Headbands are also used for styling and to look cool. Wearing one to enhance your image definitely has advantages. It can serve as a great boost to your confidence whenever you play ball.

I hope my buying guide and list will help you pick and choose the best headband for your intended purpose.