20 Best Basketball Accessories & Training Equipment

Basketball is a contact sport, and players wear different types of accessories and training equipment to improve their skills further and avoid injuries.

If you’re an aspiring basketball player looking for a few training equipment to take your talent and skills to the next level, worry not, as I’ve got you covered!

In this article, I will list the twenty best basketball training equipment and accessories to help you improve your dribbling, jumping, and playing skills overall.

20 Best Basketball Training Equipment & Accessories

The listed training equipment and accessories on the list will give you a better workout and result in the process.

1. Wilson Evolution Basketball

Well, this option is pretty obvious. You’ll most likely need an actual ball if you’re an aspiring player. Having an excellent basketball is the most important thing to have.

Buying a Wilson evolution basketball will greatly improve all facets of your game. From shooting hoops in different angles, dribbling, ball control, and improving free throws.

A Wilson evolution basketball is one of the most important tools to develop your skills in basketball. There are loads of cheap basketballs if you come to a store. You should make an informed choice by researching in advance.

What makes this ball a first rate product is its excellent grip that allows players to have a better ball handling and shot experience. Also, it is durable enough to withstand wear and tear if you’re training nonstop.

You can do practice drills with just a single ball, from learning how to shoot, proper hand-eye coordination, and many more. A ball is a must-have if you want to practice many things with a basketball on the court.

2. Portable Basketball Shooting Trainer

If you’re alone in the gym with no one to train around with then you can solve this problem by having a portable basketball trainer 

This training equipment allows you to perform different shots, work on perimeter shooting, and just sweat it all out in the gym. What makes this product really useful is the fact that you don’t need any participants during practice.

It comes with a basketball hoop, a rebounder, and a passer. You have to shoot your shot and let the equipment pass the ball as it chutes and returns it to you.

When you have this product, you don’t need a shooting and training coach; you just have to do various shooting workouts such as free throws to improve your shooting percentage.

For comparison, you’ll shoot loads of basketballs in a single minute with this equipment compared to having a personal coach pass you the ball.

3. Ball Handling Gloves

If you want to improve your handling skills, the ball hog ball handling gloves are a wonderful tool.

The idea behind this product is to make life harder for you to dribble when using it. Moreover, when you’ve constantly worked hard while using this one, the effectiveness of your dribbling will get better immensely.

When you’ve improved on your dribbling skills, you will be able to protect the ball from opponents effectively. A pair of these gloves will do wonders if you work hard and train daily.

4. Agility Ladder

Basketball is a fast-paced team sport. If you want to be quick and refine your footwork, an agility ladder will be a great tool to develop this skill.

With an agility ladder, you can do many footwork combinations. However, before doing this training, be sure to do your stretching. I suggest involving another participant as this will add a welcome challenge to your workout.

Overall, having an agility ladder will give you good basketball improvement as a whole. Not only does it make your feet quicker, but it also improves your air capacity to sustain long stretches of the game.

5. Solo Assist Basketball Rebounder

As a player, I spend hours in the gym shooting shots, rebounding the ball, and doing various shooting routines.

Unfortunately, during those times, I was all alone. But with a solo assist basketball rebounder, you’ll never have to worry again as these basketball accessories will serve as a passer and rebounder.

When you’re in the gym, the solo assist allows you to have a passer, so you can do your shooting practice easily and warm yourself up before playing an actual game.

A school or a varsity team will most likely benefit from this special training equipment.

6. Dribble Stick

Another great tool to improve your ball handling and dribbling skill are dribble sticks. It allows a player to have much better ball control and pass accurately to where the ball should be.

Basketball players who often practice with dribble sticks tend to be much better ball handlers, and the workout results show when they’re playing an actual basketball game.

A dribble stick improves not only a players’ dribbling skills but also gives added benefits of better control, hand positioning, cardio, and plyometrics. The dribble stick is a must-have if you want to take your basketball skills to the next level.

7. Blocking Pad

Amazing basketball players deal with physicality and contact in a professional way. All players must deal with contact, whether boxed out for rebounds or harassed by physical defenders.

And if you want to improve your ability to deal with physicality, there’s no better way to go than buying a blocking pad for training.

This basketball accessory greatly enhances your ability to absorb or deal with contact. As a result, your muscles get used to the beating and pounding your body gets each time you play.

8. Jump Rope

A jump rope is one of the most important basketball accessories today. Almost all NBA players use this type of equipment daily.

Training with this accessory gives players a much-improved air capacity, strengthens muscles and bones, and increases body coordination and vertical jump.

Practice using the jump rope daily, and you’ll see the results immediately. Not only does it improve your overall physique but your well-being as well.

9. Tennis Balls

You’ll have to work on hand-eye coordination to be a better player. The benefits of using tennis balls have become a pleasant surprise for basketball players.

Include tennis balls in your daily basket training routine as they provide better ball control, get you in shape, and further develop your basketball skills.

They come very cheaply in stores and are one of the few pieces of basketball equipment that can elevate your basketball play to the next level.

10. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands allow players to have a much higher vertical jump, dribble down the court faster, get their feet set up quicker, do laterals, and be better all-around players.

If you watch NBA games, you’ll notice that almost all NBA players use resistance bands in their pregame routines.

So, if you want to mimic these types of basketball players as they are already great in their craft, having resistance bands in your daily workouts would help you see drastic improvements.

11. Dribbling Goggles

Dribbling is often tasked for point guards or short people because the low center of gravity allows them to dribble more effectively.

However, incorporating dribbling goggles with your practice provides better control, as you cannot see the ball with these goggles.

As a result, you elevate your dribbling skill as you are not able to look down the entire time. Dribbling goggles are dirt cheap, and having this one at your disposal goes a long way.

12. Weighted Ball Trainer

Weighted basketball trainers come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. A weighted trainer will help a player’s capability to make accurate shots and help extend their range of shots and hand strength for handling the ball.

This basketball accessory is also a perfect tool for people with hand injuries as this can help in their rehabilitation. If you’re also having difficulty gripping the ball, doing various weighted ball routines can help you with it.

13. Weighted Speed Vest

A weighted speed vest’s primary function is to help players have that explosiveness and agility that’s missing in their game.

The idea of a weighted speed vest is to allow players to work out with a heavy vest on their bodies. As a result, their bodies are pushed to the limits.

Taking off their weighted vest tricks the body into doing the same amount of energy. However, the player is lighter this time and will be doing it more explosively.

14. Agility Hurdles

Agility hurdles improve your overall knee, calf, and foot strength. They force players to jump while keeping their feet lateral while jumping.

It can serve as both footwork and vertical training workout and should give you many improvements in those areas. This product is versatile and will most definitely benefit basketball players.

Overall, this product is beneficial if you plan on playing lots of games in the future. This basketball equipment isn’t expensive but will offer good results.

15. Disc Cones

Whether you are practicing your dribble, ways to attack the basket, or doing various footwork routines, disc cones are a must-have tool.

They are an important piece of equipment if you’re a trainer or a coach as they make a great training tool for players.

One of the primary benefits of having disc cones over regular cones is they are more lightweight, compact, portable, and easy to handle. Plus, they come in various shapes, styles, and sizes to fit your needs.

16. Finger Spacer

Most players have difficulty making tough and fluid shots; their mechanics aren’t the same, so they have a harder time performing shooting drills.

A finger spacer forces a player into a proper finger spacing position when taking the shot to improve your shooting mechanics. This training tool is perfect if you want to knock down long-range threes or free throws.

A lot of times, young players struggle with their finger positions; however, with this fantastic basketball accessory, you’ll improve in no time.

17. Defensive Mannequin

Shooting percentages tend to be low when an opponent contests your shot. However, with a defensive mannequin, you will have a better success rate of knocking down the ball as you are already used to it.

You will drain your shot more accurately even if a defender is in your face or use it as a drill to dribble past defenders more efficiently during games.

Overall, it lets you shoot more accurately over a defender. If you work hard, shooting over tall defenders won’t affect your shooting mechanics, and this is because you are so used to doing it with a defensive mannequin.

18. Conditioning Mask

A training mask is fantastic basketball training equipment to improve your endurance and conditioning.

The concept behind conditioning masks is to make players breathe in high-altitude conditions when using them.

As a result, when players remove the mask, they will breathe easier and give them the endurance they need to perform during long game stretches.

19. Basketball Shoes

Who else is going to forget about basketball shoes? While you can play barefoot on the court, nothing beats going to practice with these gears on.

If you’ve played barefooted, you would know how painful your feet are after the game, right? Having the right pair will always do wonders.

Whether cheap or expensive, they are required if you will play the sport for long periods. Also, they are required if you undergo training, as they can get painful once the training ends.

One tip, if your school or team is playing a tournament then step on the sticky mat to ensure it sticks well with the surface.

20. Sequential Compression Device

Sequential compression devices are like sleeves worn on the leg to promote a faster recovery. Players who recover faster don’t feel sore after a workout.

As a result, they feel rejuvenated and refreshed, which means they are ready to go again. A sequential compression device shortens recovery time by eliminating lactic acids accumulated during a workout.

Players will most likely feel little-to-no sores when they use these recovery devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions regarding training equipment and basketball accessories, you might find an answer to them below.

What Accessories Do NBA Players Wear?

NBA players tend to wear many accessories these days, and for good reasons, it has some benefits. Here are some accessories NBA players mostly wear.

1) Headband

Back in the day, NBA players wore headbands for one purpose: to capture sweat and prevent them from running through their eyes.

However, today, it is more style than substance. Many NBA players wear headbands because of their style and also wear them for sponsorship purposes or to cover their receding hairlines.

2) Arm sleeves

The purpose of wearing arm sleeves is to promote the warming of muscles along the arm region. As a result, they are more resistant to muscle strains making them more resistant to injuries.

If you see Carmelo Anthony, he’s wearing arm sleeves on both arms, while LeBron James only wears it on his right arm. This accessory is all about preference and depends on the player.

3) Leg sleeves

Leg sleeves work the same way as arm sleeves. It keeps the leg area warmer and reduces the risk of leg injuries and strains. Basketball involves a lot of sprinting, running, and other high-activity stuff.

The warmness would sometimes relieve pain or prevent further muscle injuries in the area as a heated muscle is more resistant to injuries.

4) Mask

Most of the time, NBA players wear masks because they have injuries on their faces. It can either be a lacerated lip, broken nose, or just to prevent other recurring facial injuries.

Richard Hamilton was the most popular player in the NBA for using a facial mask his entire career.

The reason is that he has gone through various broken noses and injuries in his face during his young career and has seen enough.

As a result, during his long-tenured career, he resorted to using masks until his retirement.

5) Knee brace

Basketball is a contact sport; many players have already amassed countless knee injuries throughout their careers.

A knee brace’s primary function is to provide knee stability while keeping the part warm. The brace doesn’t look any different from a leg sleeve; however, it has a cushioning part to provide comfort and stability.

What Are Things That Basketball Players Need?

There are many things basketball players need. Here are some important things to note:

  • Basketball Shoes – A player will most likely need them to play the game. Choose a shoe with impressive ankle support, non skid treads, and close fit. Don’t buy running shoes if you intend on playing with them.
  • Mouth Guards – A mouth guard is the best way to guard your tongue, teeth, and mouth against getting injured. Regardless of what level you play, always wear one for protection.
  • Athletic Shorts/JerseysShorts and jerseys are also important when playing. Always have an extra short. Find shorts that won’t restrict movements and allow you to run freely.
  • Elbow Pads and Knee Pads – Basketball is a contact sport; having elbow pads and knee pads for protection goes a long way. Players are prone to falling and bumping, and this protective gear is recommended.
  • Air Pump How can you play if your ball doesn’t have enough air? Having an air pump is always proven beneficial. Especially if the gym is far from any air pump sources

These are all essential gears a player needs before they start playing hoop. Always have a checklist before leaving home. Also, you can find all these accessories in your typical basketball store.

What Is the Most Important Equipment In Basketball?

Arguably, the most important equipment in basketball are shoes, a basketball, and a basketball hoop. Without it, how can you even play basketball?

Watch how the LA Lakers practice with only these key accessories.

While you can play barefoot, it is not advisable, and the level of play you can achieve pales in comparison when you’re using one.

Still, all basketball equipment is important. However, these three pieces of equipment are necessary when you start playing basketball.

How Do You Look Good In Basketball?

If you want to look good in basketball, never stop practicing. It doesn’t matter how many games you’ve played or how many shots you’ve drained. The most important aspect is to never stop learning.

We are all students of the game, and if you want to look good in basketball, get into training, perform different drills, listen to your coach, and do various workouts. It’s all about improvements and putting your mind to it.

You will never look good in basketball if you don’t put your mind to it. Players will only laugh at you because you aren’t dedicated enough to achieve your best potential.


As a basketball player, some of these basketball accessories and training equipment are tools to make you a better basketball player. Fortunately, you can find them in your typical basketball store.

However, if you don’t put in the work, results won’t follow, and you will be an ordinary basketball player. If you’re passionate about playing basketball, do whatever it takes to improve every aspect of your game.

And if you want to be an NBA player, I’ve listed all the training equipment you need to take your game to the next level!