Basketball Shoes for Tennis [2024]

If you quickly want to know my top basketball shoes for tennis, then I would recommend Nike Giannis Immortality as the best one.

If you’re like other multidimensional individuals who don’t only play one sport, you would instantly know that it’s a costly investment as you would be required to have specific gear for this intended sport.

For example, basketball and tennis are two of the most popular sports in the world. We all know that each sport has shoes designed for the intended game style.

However, if you have a pair of basketball shoes, you might wonder whether you can wear basketball shoes for tennis games, right?

If you want to know whether you can wear basketball shoes for tennis games, then read on as I explain everything you need to know.

Is It Possible To Wear Basketball Shoes For Tennis?

Of course! Generally speaking, wearing basketball shoes when playing tennis is not a rare occurrence these days.

But to excel, you’d want a shoe designed for playing this sport. On the good part, basketball and tennis shoes offer amazing lateral support and extra cushioning.

The only problem I feel that can be a little distracting to tennis players is that basketball shoes are heavier than other sports.

Wearing basketball shoes during a tennis match can be difficult for a player in multiple scenarios.

One good example is basketball shoes that aren’t made for tennis courts. There are three tennis court surfaces; clay courts, grass courts, and hard courts.

Basketball shoes aren’t designed for those types of courts. In addition, playing tennis involves a lot of lateral movement, and these shoes aren’t made for continuous lateral movements.

As a result, playing tennis while wearing basketball shoes can put too much stress on the player’s ankles and knees and may result in ankle injuries.

Still, there are many back-and-forths regarding purchasing only one shoe for basketball and tennis. Here are some reasons basketball shoes shouldn’t be worn to play tennis and vice versa.

  • Basketball shoes aren’t designed for tennis courts. They are designed for a basketball player to play on hardwood courts. However, they can be a better alternative if you play tennis casually.
  • If you play tennis with basketball shoes, they aren’t infused with technologies that can withstand the rigors of a normal tennis match, especially around the front.
  • Tennis shoes are wider at the base area, making them much less heavy and bulkier.
  • Most shoes are designed to be low, mid, or high-top basketball shoes, which is a no-go for tennis courts.
  • Tennis shoes have traction patterns intended for different tennis court surfaces. Basketball sneakers may slide a lot on a typical tennis court.

While shoes designed for both sports can be used alternatively for a specific reason, they aren’t intended to be used entirely, especially if you are a professional tennis player.

Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea to wear basketball shoes for tennis. You must owe it to yourself to enjoy playing while reducing the risks of injuries and unwanted accidents.

Is It Possible To Wear Tennis Shoes For Basketball?

Of course! However, there are not many shoes you can wear for basketball.

But if you want to play basketball in the best way, I highly recommend wearing basketball shoes if there’s an option available.

I pesonally feel tennis shoes are more playable under basketball conditions than playing tennis in basketball shoes.

Nevertheless, choose basketball shoes whenever you have the option to do so. We’re not saying these shoes are horrible to play, but this is the best route to elevate your gameplay.

How Are Basketball Shoes Made?

Basketball shoes are specifically made for power and agility. As a result, acceleration, speed, and velocity are achieved at optimum levels.

As you can see, basketball players always face sudden stops and changes in direction, which is why they are specifically made for these movements. Hence, they are heavier shoes.

Basketball players tend to jump vertically and horizontally, which is why their shoes offer more cushioning and any sudden direction changes.

As a result, basketball shoes are layered towards absorbing the brunt force of planting, pivoting, jumping, running, cutting, and other movements.

In addition, basketball players need more ankle support than tennis players.

Why? As I have discovered, there are actually more constant up and down motions related to basketball than tennis, hence the design.

The outer soles of basketball shoes are intended for indoor courts made of wooden floors, and the tread of the basketball shoes won’t hold up to different types of tennis surfaces, like a clay court and any other outdoor courts.

How Are Tennis Shoes Made?

Tennis shoes are made differently depending on the court surface. They are shoes that don’t require much jumping and usually call for plenty of lateral movement.

A tennis shoe’s flexible and lightweight design doesn’t impede any ankle movement, especially when scrambling and sliding for balls. This feature can greatly help avoid freak accidents.

While they are not the thickest, the outer sole of a tennis shoe isn’t the thinnest either. They are still capable of providing enough protection regardless of any playing surface.

Tennis shoes’ soles should withstand the rigors of an entire tennis match, especially from the strain of constantly running around and when going for sliding, stopping, and starting movements.

As I have mentioned, each tennis shoe is built differently regarding each type of surface.

Hard courts have the firmest build and often feature a herringbone or hexagonal pattern on the outer sole.

Grass shoes tend to be more different due to the nature of the grass. In addition, their outer sole features some pimples on it.

Basketball And Tennis Shoes: What Are The Similarities?

Aside from their differences, basketball and tennis shoes have something in common.

  • New pair of tennis and basketball shoes have lighter weight and offer enough ankle support regardless of what other sport you play.
  • Both basketball and tennis shoes are specially designed for high-impact absorption and intensity exercises. As a result, tennis and basketball sneakers offer a lot of traction and grip.
  • Tennis and basketball shoes have a heel counter that provides plenty of support for sudden directional changes associated with the game. Its design is also optimized for movement.
  • Though it can be on a case-to-case basis, tennis, and basketball shoes are infused with breathable fabrics.

Tennis Shoes vs Basketball Shoes: What Are The Differences?

Where there are similarities, there are also key differences. Here are some reasons why wearing basketball shoes and tennis might not go hand in hand.

  • It’s quite easy to detect that most basketball shoes have a different shoe tongue than tennis shoes. Most tennis shoes tend to be laced, whereas basketball shoes come in different variations, such as Velcro straps.
  • Tennis shoes protect players from any lateral strains during a tennis match, while basketball shoes are designed for impact absorption from jumping up and down.
  • Basketball shoes are designed with cushioned midsoles, flexible outer soft soles, and breathable uppers while featuring lighter midsoles for optimal mobility.

Just a reminder, playing basketball with tennis shoes might be a great idea but always check beforehand whether they can be a great court shoe for this type of agenda.

Before playing, go for a quick run and get a good feel of the shoe to see if it can hold up easily.

How Can You Find The Right Basketball Shoe For Tennis?

Finding the right basketball shoe for tennis has a lot of considerations.

As you can see, clay court tennis matches to deal with constant gliding through the clay, so a tennis shoe with herringbone soles is perfect for any type of tennis court.

But if you want to hoop in with basketball shoes while playing tennis, here are some key features you must look for.

Weight And Cushioning

You’ll want an on-court shoe that is lightweight and responsive enough for sudden lateral movements if you want to play tennis effectively.

Athletic shoes have more cushioning than tennis shoes; you shouldn’t sacrifice this.

Just find the sweet spot of weight, cushioning, and responsiveness, and these are commonly found in your typical sneakers. An EVA midsole can greatly help with shock absorption.


Tennis shoe soles need a lot of traction regardless of what type of court you play. Your best bet is to look for a hexagonal, herringbone, or omnidirectional pattern in the basketball shoe sole for good traction.

One amazing shoe I can definitely recommend is the Adidas marquee boost.


Again, if it’s not properly fitted to your feet, it can limit your movements, right? Always look for shoes that can help stabilize your ankles and heel.

This feature can help you be injury-free and reduce stress on your feet and knees.

How Can You Find The Right Tennis Shoe For Basketball?

If you’re a tennis player, and you are trying to play both sports, then there are better ways in which there can be the right shoe for playing basketball.

Weight And Cushioning

Find a shoe with plenty of cushioning and support around your foot.

You constantly jump up and down the court, so you’d want something soft and cushiony when absorbing the impact.


Both sports have different types of surfaces; however, in basketball, hardwood floors are standard.

Look for a shoe that can grip the hardwood floor. Fortunately, most tennis shoes are great to play against on basketball courts.


You’d want something that doesn’t feel too restrictive of your foot’s movement. Look for a true-to-size shoe that you’ll have no problems with.

In addition, opt for low-top sneakers, as they are similarly designed to your typical tennis shoes.

How Does Wearing Different Sports Shoes Affect Your Gameplay?

Tennis and basketball players know wearing different kinds of shoes can affect their gameplay.

As I’ve mentioned, these shoes are designed for the rigors of the game. One might be good to the other, but often, that’s not the case.

Wear basketball shoes if you want to play basketball without affecting your gameplay.

The same goes for tennis shoes and players. If you don’t want your gameplay affected, wear your designated shoe.

Remember, each shoe is built according to how the game is played, regardless of a specific sport.

So, to get the best possible outcome on any match, I’d recommend using the right shoe for the intended purpose.


Both tennis and basketball shoes can be used alternatively for a specific reason. However, I would recommend always wearing the correct shoes for each, which can greatly affect your gameplay.

They are not entirely different shoes, but they have specific features that can help elevate your game if you use them correctly.

Both of these sports require different on-court shoes. But they can work in your favor if you find the right one. This article should give you plenty of ideas on whether basketball shoes and tennis can go hand in hand.