Basketball Jersey Fit Size Chart: How To Buy NBA Jerseys

Now that the NBA is already halfway into the season, it might be the right time to buy some NBA jerseys, as plenty of new jersey designs are already being introduced.

However, it can be challenging for someone to buy jerseys if they don’t know how these sizes fit, as sizes and preferences vary from person to person.

Another reason is that Nike isn’t the only one selling NBA jerseys; brands like Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and other famous brands are also distributing NBA jerseys of their own.

If you plan to get an NBA jersey for yourself, learning how these brands do their sizes goes a long way, especially if you are ordering online. Here’s everything you need to know about NBA jersey sizing!

Complete Size Guide To NBA Jerseys

As I have mentioned, I’ll be discussing how NBA jerseys fit. But in general, almost all NBA jerseys are slim fit, but it mostly depends on what type of jersey you buy. Here’s a quick rundown of different NBA jerseys.

Nike is the official NBA jersey provider of the organization and expects more Nike products than any other brands combined.

Nike Authentic Jerseys

These are authentic jerseys. These are by no means ordinary. If we’re talking about premiums, these will be the ones that will cost you the most.

A Nike Authentic Jersey generally has a slim fit with stitched graphics, numbers, and premium finishes. I recommend going half a size up if you prefer a baggy or loose fit, as these NBA jerseys are usually slim.

All the premium finishes are already embroidered on this type of NBA jersey. While they can be costly to a casual NBA fan, it doesn’t get any better than the authentic NBA jersey your favorite team is wearing.

Nike Swingman Jersey

Nike Swingman Jerseys are catered to budget-oriented NBA fans. These are considered replica jerseys but still have the best quality.

While they are popular amongst basketball fans, these aren’t embroidered. Still, these are affordable replica options if you don’t have the budget.

Like Nike Authentic Jerseys, these are slim-fit but offer high-quality fabrics if you’re worried about the quality. Because they are an affordable replica option, most fans play basketball wearing these.

Fanatics Fast Break Jerseys

Replica jerseys are a great and affordable option for most fans. It only means they can wear their favorite NBA jersey without spending hundreds of dollars for a Mitchell and Ness or the Nike Authentic jersey.

Nike does not make it; Fanatics makes it. These fanatic fast-break jerseys are more affordable than swingman jerseys, but the only problem is they are not stitched, which kind of sucks.

These are true-to-size NBA jersey fit and offer great value for money if you try playing basketball with these.

So, if you want the correct size for your measurements, these are a must-have! Fanatic also has many NBA t-shirt designs worth looking for!

Mitchell & Ness Swingman Jerseys

Mitchell and Ness Swingman Jerseys are known for making throwback and vintage jerseys. These swingman jerseys are the affordable variant of Mitchell and Ness jerseys.

While these are affordable for an NBA fan, these are still great-quality NBA jerseys. However, the only problem with the Mitchell and Ness Swingman jerseys is they aren’t the slimmest, as it’s a bit looser.

When you order Mitchel and Ness Swingman jerseys, I highly recommend ordering your normal size to represent your true fit accurately.

Mitchell & Ness Authentic Jerseys

Mitchell & Ness Authentic Jerseys are vintage jerseys. These NBA jerseys can come from any year of the NBA and have one of the best NBA jersey designs, in my opinion.

Despite being retro jerseys, these are premium by any means. These are stitched and coveted by most NBA fans, especially if their idols come from an era of 2010 and below.

Nevertheless, Mitchell and Ness are great for the price! They are most famous for their swingman jerseys but also offer authentic ones.

Adidas Jerseys

They were once the proud jersey providers for the NBA until 2017, when Nike was privileged to do so. Still, they are by no means producing low-quality jerseys.

Like Nike, Adidas jerseys also offer swingman and authentic versions of their jerseys. In terms of materials and construction, they are quite similar across the board.

Adidas also offers low-budget replica versions that look like they came from a t-shirt cut. What you’ll love about Adidas jerseys is they are quite cheaper than Nike Jerseys.

The only problem is most of their jerseys are outdated and might need further reshuffling, as they have already signed various NBA superstars to their name.

NBA Jersey Size Chart

Different brands offer different size charts. So, to give you a good idea of how these brands allocate their sizes, I have compiled them all up for you. Check out what size NBA Jersey you should have.

For Nike Authentic Size NBA Jersey Chart

Nike Authentic and Nike Swingman Jersey (Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL)

  • Numeric size – (40) (44) (48) (52) (56) (58)
  • Chest (Inches) – (35 – 37.5) (37.4 – 41) (41 – 44) (44 – 48.5) (48.5 – 53.5) (53.5 – 58)
  • Length (Inches) – (29.2) (30.6) (31.3) (32.1) (32.9) (33.3)

For Adidas Size NBA Jersey Replica

  • Numeric size – (40) (44) (48) (52) (56) (58)
  • Chest (Inches) – (40) (44) (48) (52) (56) (58)
  • Front Length (Inches) – (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37)
  • Back Length (Inches) – (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37)

For Adidas Swingman NBA Jersey Size Chart

  • Numeric size – (41) (44) (47) (50) (53) (56) (59) (62)
  • Chest (Inches) – (41) (44) (47) (50) (53) (56) (59) (62)
  • Front Length – (Inches) – (31.75) (32.875) (34) (35.125) (36.25) (37.375) (38.5) (39.625)
  • Back Length – (Inches)(33.25)(34.875)(36)(37.125)(38.25)(39.375)(40.5)(41.625)

For Adidas NBA Jersey

  • Numeric size – (44) (46) (48) (50) (52) (54) (56) (58)
  • Chest (inches) – (40.4) (42.4) (44.4) (46.4) (48.4) (51.4) (54.4) (58.4)
  • Front Length (inches) – (36.4) (37.2) (37.9) (38.7) (39.4) (40.2) (42.9)(43.7)
  • Back Length (inches) – (38.4) (39.2) (39.9) (40.7) (41.4) (42.2) (44.9)(45.7)

For Mitchell & Ness Authentic Jersey

  • Numeric size – (36) (40) (44) (48) (52) (56) (60) (64)
  • Chest (inches) – (37 – 39) (41 – 43) (45 – 47) (49 – 51) (53 – 55) (57 – 59) (61 – 63) (65 – 67)
  • Front Length (inches) – (29.5 – 30.5) (30.5 – 31.5) (31.5 – 32.5) (32.5 – 33.5) (33.5 – 34.5) (34.5 – 35.5) (35.5 – 36.5) (36.5 – 37.5)

How To Take Body Measurements For Basketball Jerseys

Now here comes the challenging part: properly measuring your NBA Jersey. Well, worry not, as I’ve got plenty of ways to teach you.


If you want to measure your chest size, it would be highly recommended to have someone do the measuring for you for accurate measurement.

For the correct circumference size, the best area to measure is around your chest, not below your nipples.

Use a measuring tape and slowly encircle your body from the nipple and wrap it around your chest area until the measuring tape arrives at the first location.

For the chest, inches are usually the metrics used when measuring. So, whatever you’ve arrived at that point, it is your chest size, or if you would like a looser fit, then adding one or two inches is the best way to go.


Place your measuring tape on top of your shoulder to measure the torso and let it run down until your waist area.

An NBA Jersey is made symmetrically, so you don’t have to worry about whether your jersey matches up with the actual jersey size you’ve bought.

As a rule of thumb, add an inch or two if you feel it is a tight fit. When buying from an online retailer, always look for reviews and testimonies regarding jersey sizes.

Other NBA Jerseys

For different types of NBA jerseys, you only need to take your existing NBA jersey and lay it flat on the floor. Use a tape measure to find the appropriate size for you.

If you follow all these methods that I have mentioned in this article, then you can find the right jersey size whenever you purchase an NBA jersey.

How Do NBA Jerseys Fit?

As I have discovered, there’s quite a difference in how brands like Nike, Adidas, and others do their sizes. To give you a good idea of how they fit, we’ll share some experiences.

  • Nike Authentic Jerseys: Nike jerseys run pretty slimly, so I recommend going half a size or a full inch if you feel you are just at the maximum size limit.
  • Nike Swingman Jersey: The Nike Swingman Jersey runs true to size. So, if you want this type of fit, go for your true size.
  • Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jerseys: Mitchell and Ness Authentic jerseys run pretty small. What I’d recommend is you go a full inch up for good measure.
  • Mitchell and Ness Swingman Jerseys: Mitchell and Ness Jerseys run the same as Mitchell and Ness authentic jerseys. So, if you prefer a tighter fit, these are the ones. But if you want a little more wiggle room, going for a full inch is the best way.
  • Fanatics Jerseys: The fanatics fast break jersey is made true to size. If you prefer a standard fit, these are great to get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional questions regarding NBA jersey sizes and everything about jerseys in general, you might find the answers down below.

What’s the Difference Between Authentic and Swingman Jerseys?

Nike Swingman NBA jerseys are often the preferred choice for basketball players because they are a little roomier than authentic jerseys.

In addition, they offer a little bit of wiggle room around the shoulder areas and the stomach and waist areas. Most fans prefer Nike swingman jerseys because of the comfort it brings.

Furthermore, authentic NBA jerseys are pricier and are twice as much as your average Nike swingman NBA jerseys.

Should I Size Up or Down for Basketball Jerseys?

It depends, though. Different brands have different sizing schemes, so I would recommend testing it at an actual retail store to avoid buying incorrect-sized NBA jerseys.

Different brands have a jersey size chart to avoid this, giving you a good idea of what most resembles your true size.

So, if you drop by a specific brand, look for their jersey size chart that is usually hung off their wall for accurate measurements.

How Can I Make My Basketball Jersey Fit Better?

You can make your basketball jersey better fit if you try to buy your jersey through a local retail store than online. This way, you get a good idea of how the jersey fits when worn by you.

Most of the time, fans and basketball players experience fit issues when ordering online. So, to avoid this jersey fitting issue, you must try it personally.

What Size NBA Jersey Size Should I Buy?

Regardless of whether it’s an Adidas or a Nike Jersey you are buying, your NBA jersey size should fit you the way you want it to be.

Some prefer looser fits, whereas some want true to size. So, it’s just a matter of personal preference most of the time. You can always refer to a size NBA jersey chart for accurate measurements.

Are Fanatics Fast Break Jersey Good?

Yes! Fanatics is a reputable brand, and the owner of it runs the official NBA store. These jerseys have great value for money and almost feel the same as most NBA Jerseys.

Where Can I Buy NBA Jerseys?

Regardless of what type you want, there are plenty of options available. You can buy through the NBA Store or local retail stores nearby.

The only problem I’ve had when buying in these local retail stores is the availability of certain products.

So, if you’ve already purchased an NBA jersey before and could take note of your correct measurements, I highly recommend ordering online through reputable online stores.

How to Spot a Fake NBA Jersey

There are a lot of online and retail stores selling fake NBA jerseys. In this day and age, it can be difficult to spot a fake one. But the good news is, there are plenty of ways to spot one.

Here are some of the best ways to spot fake NBA jerseys. Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is fake.

  • Their jerseys are priced way below the market value.
  • The materials used for their jerseys feel loose and low-quality has frayed ends and loose strings.
  • Just the look of it. If it’s priced extremely low and looks dull and lifeless, there’s a big chance it is fake.
  • Some symbols are in the wrong spots.
  • Sellers won’t offer warranties or have lots of negative customer reviews written on their page.


NBA players like Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, and LeBron James are one of the reasons why we all love to buy an NBA jersey.

Most NBA jerseys today are made of high-quality materials, so you don’t have to question their quality.

Whether it’s Nike jerseys, a vintage jersey, or classic jerseys, you should always consider NBA jersey sizing to get the best possible jersey.

This article should give you plenty of ideas regarding NBA jersey sizes, as this will help you find the best fit for your future NBA jersey purchase.