3 Best Grip Powder For Basketball In 2024

In a hurry to find the best grip powder? I’d recommend Tourna Rosin Bottle Grip as my top choice.

Have you ever seen the basketball slip from players’ sweaty hands as they dribble, pass, or shoot? Or perhaps you’ve experienced it during play. Too much moisture on your skin can cause diminished grip strength.

Fortunately, grip powder is used in playing sports like golf, pole dancing, football, and weight lifting – it’s also great for basketball.

As the name implies, it’s helpful for improving your grip. This will also improve your ability to play without feeling like you should always wipe the moisture from your hands over the course of the whole game.

If you’re looking for the best grip powder for basketball, then go check out my detailed review on the best ones I’ve tried.

3 Best Basketball Grip Powder

Let us go through the pros and cons of each grip powder.

1. Tourna Rosin Bottle Grip – Best Overall


  • Type: Powder
  • Amount: 2 ounces
  • Item dimensions (LxWxH): ‎3 x 1 x 1 inches

Tourna Rosin Grip powder is rosin-based, meaning it improves your grip without clogging up your skin. That makes it a great product for hot conditions since it’s breathable and prevents overheating.

I love how it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the ball or other things I touch. Normally, combined with the warmth of your hands, grip powder can make your hands tacky or sticky – but this product doesn’t.

Despite that, if you have really sweaty hands, I recommend reapplying this every now and then.


  • Company has been in the grip solutions industry for at least 45 years
  • Great for hot conditions
  • No sticky powder


  • Really sweaty players need to reapply this every so often

2. SportMediq Liquid Chalk – Best Premium Pick


  • Type: Liquid
  • Amount: 8.5 ounces
  • Item dimensions (LxWxH): ‎6.97 x 2.28 x 2.09 inches

This basketball chalk product creates less mess compared to just rosin and chalk, since it’s a water-based hydrocellulose thickener mix. This allows for a fast but effective agent that will dry quickly.

In fact, I’m quite impressed at how this basketball chalk can dry up in mere seconds while lasting far longer than regular chalk. Despite that, it’s easy to wash off with just soap and water.

On top of that, you only need to use a dollop at a time – so one bottle will last you a long time!

My only difficulty with SportMediq is that dried liquid tends to get stuck in the cap, so you’ll need to keep cleaning it off.


  • Less mess than rosin and chalk
  • Quick-drying but easy to wash off
  • Requires only small application per use


  • Dried product gets stuck in the cap

3. Dry Hands Ultimate Grip Solution – Best Budget Pick


  • Type: Lotion
  • Amount: 1 oz.
  • Item dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 7 x 1 inches

This Dry Hands product works really well for humid days.

However, note that it’s gritty and leaves a sticky residue on your things – despite that, this tackiness can give you better grip.

You only need to use a bit for every application, which is great. Unfortunately, this product contains only one ounce. Because of that, you may end up finishing this faster if you’re sweating a lot.


  • Good for people who don’t sweat a lot
  • Requires only small application per use
  • Works well in humid conditions


  • Product comes in a small bottle

What Factors Should I Look For When Choosing Basketball Grip Powders?

All grip powders are made to manage sweaty hands and improve grip – whether it’s to make them tacky when mixed with your hand’s warmth or to prevent your hands from sweating in the first place.

However, not all of them come in the same form or last the same length. Some may even be better for some sports than others.

As such, all the factors below combined are important to choosing the best product that will help you bring your A-game.


You’ll want a grip powder that will last you as much of the game as possible.

If you have that, you can properly grip the basketball without having to reach for the bottle and reapply it every time you step off the court.


The best basketball grip powder keeps you playing basketball no matter the weather.

You’ll want something that will keep your hands free from excess sweat and moisture. It’s also ideal to get something that can help you deal with heat and humidity.


Despite the name, grip powders can also come in other forms – like liquids and lotions.

Many grip powders absorb moisture easily and provide great grip without being tacky. However, some liquids and lotions also provide a good grip without being sticky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gloves don’t work in a basketball game, so powders are the next best thing. After all, aside from improving your grip, they can also prevent your hands from sweating.

If you have more questions about these products and their ability to influence your games, then keep reading.

Who Should Get Basketball Grip Powder?

Anyone who needs a better grip should get grip powder.

As the name suggests, grip powders help you palm the basketball. On top of that, basketball grip powder stops your hands from being too damp.

Good grip strength and big hands can actually cause you to have great grip on the ball. However, putting on even just a bit of grip powder can go a long way.

Though these powders are made to keep your palms dry from sweat, avoid caking your hands with them in any form. That’s because doing so might only make your hands sweat more.

What Kind of Powder Do NBA Players Use?

NBA players usually use chalk, which gives them great grip and control regardless of how much they sweat.

In fact, LeBron James is famous for his chalk toss at the start of his games.

Does Baby Powder Improve Grip?

Yes, baby powder can help improve your grip in sports that need it.

That’s because it contains natural sweat-fighting ingredients, giving it the same purpose as normal grip powder.

However, many grip powders are better at keeping your hands dry since they were explicitly made for it.

On top of managing moisture, some products won’t leave powdered rosin or other residues on the ball or your equipment.


Grip powder is used in many sports where good grip is required. For basketball, it prevents your hands from sweating to improve your grip on the ball.

This can do wonders for your gameplay since you can execute plays without worrying that the ball might slip from your hands.

The best products will keep your skin dry for most of the game, so you won’t need to keep wiping your hands whenever you step off the court.