3 Best Basketball Blocking Pads In 2024

Need to make a quick decision? My choice for the best basketball blocking pad is the Jayefo Sports Shield Blocking Pad.

Basketball blocking pads are amazing training tools for basketball players to improve their finishing skills without affecting their shot when a player comes into contact.

It takes a lot of preparation before a player can improve their strength, skills, and agility with opponents all over them.

In addition, there’s also a likelihood they won’t come easy on you with some bumps and pushing before you even get your shot off. If you want to improve these facets of your game, you should definitely train with a blocking pad.

The only problem is that too many blocking pads are on the market today, so choosing one can be challenging.

Worry not; I was able to try some of them. In the article, I will review the three best sports blocking pads for basketball training:

3 Best Blocking Pads For Basketball Training

Improving your game means doing everything necessary, like listening to your coach, going hard with practice drills, and many more. If you want to develop physical strength in your game, here are my best options for you.

1. Jayefo Sports Shield Blocking Pad – Best Overall


  • Curved Anatomic Shape Design Perfect for All Sports
  • Shell A/X Shock Gel to Protect User’s Hand
  • Additional Intensive Shock Foam for Better Shock Absorption

The Jayefo Blocking Pad is a good addition if you want to simulate real-time scenarios in your training to improve your skills and confidence when driving to the basket.

This product fits easily well to your training partners and has the right size to give real-time contact to develop your finish at the rim.

In addition, it is also great for any contact sport like mixed martial arts and karate. The high-density foam inside hits the sweet spot, not too hard or soft.

Overall, this training pad is an amazing basketball tool you can add to your daily routine as it can mimic basketball’s action. It’s a great tool for developing your game.


  • It is made of durable materials
  • Great dimensions for all athlete body sizes
  • Superb for everyday practice drills
  • Reinforced handles for superior user control
  • Perfect training aid for all athletes


  • It needs a little more time to break-in

2. GoSports Padded Blocking and Sparring Training Pads – Best Value


  • Heavy-Duty Padded Poles to Stimulate Defenders
  • Robust Padded Foam for Better Collision Absorption
  • Outer Composite Leather Surface for Improved Durability and Use

If you want to practice with your partner or coach to help develop your finishing skills when doing layups, the GoSports Padded Blocking and Sparring Training Pads must be the perfect drills equipment.

Playing with tall defenders can alter your shots, so these products are built the same way for you to develop your finishing skills.

If you want to learn the hard way, then it is highly recommended to use this one. The design mimics a defender’s hand when reaching your hand and should give you the confidence to get by them after many practices.

I really like this version because it adds variations to my everyday routine during basketball drills.


  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Good for everyday basketball drills
  • Versatile dimensions for all activities
  • Perfect for all ages and any type of game
  • No pain from the pad when bumping


  • Quite heavy

3. GoSports Blocking Pads – Best Budget


  • 5 Reinforced Handles for Superior Control
  • High-Impact Foam Core to Absorb Impact
  • 24” X 16” High-Density Striking Surface for Size to Athlete Ratio

The GoSports Blocking Pads might just be the equipment you are looking for if you want to develop your driving skills to the rim.

This product is made of high-impact foam that can hold its own regardless of the athlete’s weight and height. It measures around 24″ x 16″, more than enough for players to work their bodies through.

I liked the 5 reinforced built-in handles, which provide superior control to any user or players trying to use this product. You can hit it with all you can, and it won’t budge.

Overall, I loved this because I won’t be easily knocked off balance by these. Using this pad, I can assure you that your hard work will pay off if you put in extra work everyday.


  • It has the right amount of stiffness
  • It feels very durable and robust
  • It can help develop your game
  • Superb basketball pad for everyday use


  • It needs a little more time to break in the pads

Why Should You Get A Blocking Pad?

Blocking pads benefit players who want to elevate their game to the next level. It is the ideal way to develop strength while mimicking real-time game scenarios involving much bumping.

What blocking pads do is wherever you go for a driving layup or dunk, a blocking pad, with the help of a coach, will bump your body to disrupt your way and deter a potential easy layup.

With constant practice with basketball routines and blocking pads, you enhance your ability to finish at the rim even if you are facing tough challenges and contacts by defenders.

Remember, playing basketball involves a lot of bumping and jousting for positions, so a basketball pad can work wonders for an athlete trying to develop their overall repertoire.

What Are Things To Consider Before Buying Basketball Blocking Pads?

Choosing the right product will play an important role, especially in what you will do with it. Here are the three important features you must consider before buying one.


A decent blocking pad has the right dimension to bump any player, regardless of body type. Well, this varies a lot depending on who will wear the equipment.

The user might have difficulty carrying the entire weight if it’s too big.

Size and weight go hand in hand, so be sure the pad you choose isn’t too big because it will most likely be too heavy to use and will have a hard time if you run with it.


Materials used when making a blocking pad should be reliable and robust enough for everyday use.

Fortunately, some of these pads are also used in mixed martial arts and karate, so they can easily handle and withstand basketball’s low-impact action.


I’m not talking about the person getting pushed around by the pad, but the person who will stand below the rim and wear it. It should have comfortable handles and straps to make the user’s life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional questions regarding sports blocking pads, you might find the answers I’ve listed below.

What Are the Different Types of Blocking Pads?

Blocking sticks and pads are two of the most widely used types. Each has a different use case but follows the same concept of involving physical contact during your practices that will only help develop your game.

What Are Other Uses of a Blocking Pad?

These products can also be used in areas like MMA, football, soccer, etc. They are versatile enough and withstand the rigors of continuous bumping.


Various equipment and accessories can help elevate your skills and talents to the next level.

In this case, blocking pads are amazing tools to have if you want to be the best version of yourself. This article of mine should give you plenty of excellent choices to choose from.